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Earn money.

This is an FYI for anyone wanting to do surveys and receive an income from this. After three years of checking many popular survey sites, I have not yet come across even one that pays you money to complete a survey online. While is just the latest one I retried, even this one hasn't changed from two years ago when I first signed up. At this time Survey Spot claims that you can receive money for completing surveys but what they actually (still) do is simply put your name into a contest along with everyone else's name who have completed surveys with them.

Thankfully, filling out surveys doesn't require you to pay them any money. IF ONE SAYS YOU NEED TO PAY A MEMBERSHIP FEE, RUN AWAY! However, please don't believe those ads from "people" who claim to make a living at this because this just isn't so. If you enjoy filling out surveys, go ahead and fill them out. Have some fun. But please look elsewhere for an income because this route just isn't it.

(I added this kitty pic that I found on because it still makes me smile!) :)

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Earn money.


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