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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/04/2011
  • Severity: 5

Momoh Hakeem Godson


Benin City, Edo

Pretends to be an engineer from UK. Wins contract in Nigeria and looses luggage with money during travel, needs to borrow enough money for motel and eats, states has daughter with him, really puts on a sad story, when you don't send money will attempt to send you a check made out to you to cash and trust you enough to send it back to him. This is a scam, the check is fraudulent and you will be responsible to make it good 2-3 weeks later. He has 2 emails and His phone # 2347051706648, this contains country code for Nigeria. BE CAREFUL!!! He is single and prefers men and is with a group of con artist trying to extort from single and lonely men and women. He is on facebook listed as Momoh Hakeem Godson.


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