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John M. Gallante

Romance Scam

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This guy contacted me on and immediately asked me to go to im. He was Italian travelling to Nigeria to deliver cars. He is a widower, has a 12yr old daughter. His mother died at birth, his dad passed a few years back. Only has 1 living relative - an uncle who is a drug addict. So he has no one who can lend him money to get home. I sent him money several times and it was never enough. He always found another reason why he couldn't make it home. His webcam conveniently doesn't work either. Money had to be sent to Toby Johnson (supposedly the Hotel manager). Once I started asking questions, he stopped wanting to communicate and would never answer them. He could not give me one single person in the USA to contact. No neighbors, no relatives, no friends...but he supposedly lives here and owns a car dealership. The story goes on and on. I have proof of everything!

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Romance Scam Romance Scam Romance Scam


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I know how you feel I have been taken by a Nigerian scam as well, But never again we must carry on with our lives. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people... But in the end GOD has the final judgement and I myself am counting on that.

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