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Archwood Lending Group


Atlanta, Georgia

Why Why Why would people send money to these thieves? With all the literature on the internet about Archwood I can not believe any one would or could fall for this!!!! Please people do your research before wiring these Canadians any more money! They are claiming their lender is in Spain, however they are based in Canada. Get the IP address and get their REAL email. Google the name you retrieve through social networking sites. You WILL NOT get your money back.... They are not real. I was contacted by these Aholes and did my own research with absolutely no intent of wanting or receiving a loan. I knew it was a scam immediately... Advance fee loan scam. Do your research. Call Easy Tel Canada Fraud dept. Phonebusters and do not count on seeing the money ever again. Just shut these bastards down!


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would like to know why the police, FBI or the candian law enforcement are not involed in this. can you explain the reason? seems like alot of people have lost money. no one has got the police involved. WHY NOT?

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