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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/05/2011
  • Severity: 10
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Beware of this scam artist he claims to remove your inquiries but will get you in trouble with the Law

Sherman Oaks, California, 91403

I'm writing this report to let everyone no that InquiryRemoval Daniel Cardillo, Quick Solutions This company said they could remove my inquiries @ $40 each on my equifax report. This took place about 60days ago, as of today nothing has happened, the inquiries are still there and Daniel Cardill Sherman Oaks, California is a fraud.

I contacted this company to remove a few inquiries and this guy never removed the items and charged me 400.00. when I asked him what was going on he stated give it time as of today nothing has been done to remove the items and he will not take my calls. I called the credit bureau and they stated they had received my police report. This guy has sent in a fake police report in my name and done fraud. when I asked him about it he said how did you thin they were going to come off.

I really need to le the publice know that this guy is a FRAUD AND he needs to be stoped ASAP. he is taking peoples money and just getting them in trouble and he does not care what he is doing is wrong. I disputed the charge with my bank and he is now going in my credit report and disputing my accounts what is a girl suppose to do at this point. I only have 2 credit cards and this guy is making my life a mess. Please if you have used this guy and he has done this to you please file a report lets work together and stop him.

I really want this guy to be put in jail I have filed a police report and I'm going to press charges on this guy for fraud. my bank is aware and they are working hard to help me out.

Thank you for reading this and please help stop this creep.


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