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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/05/2011
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Elizabeth Raymundo

Love Story

Ikeja, Lagos

well at first i was just cheking myspace because i had a long time without looking at it and then i checked in the myspace inbox and i had an email form this person called Elizabeth Raymundo and it said hi ma name is Elizabeth and i answered with my name too. then she told a whole story about that she lived in hawaii tha her parents died 2 years ago that she had a buisnes there that she wasnt making that much money but making the raight amont to eat n then she askme for my Email n i gave it to her n then start teling me that she met a guy from nigeria n that muved from there to the States when he was a lil kid n grew up but e had the idea to go to his country to do buisnes xporting gems form nigeria to hawaii n she was agree with that n then the sonnes they got there he robed her all the money she had in the hotel she was stayng first he ask me for $280 because she need to pay the bill so they could give her her passport back so she could get out of there n head up to hawaii n i told ma self its ok you help someone raight after i sent the money she start telling me that she loved me wich i didnt velieve but she kept telling me that it was true because i was a nice man i ask her who can u love some one that u dont know? she anwered bacause iknow that i was the one well i told my self ones she gets here to the States she can do wherever she want as soones she was ok then she messege me again that if i could lent her some more money because her tock for the flight was xpire n she had to renew it k i sent it well the point is she talk me out all the wey to this 2nd of this month it last about a week taking up to $2000 bucks with her from me ones she had the amount she never answer back again i got a few pic of her i realy velieve her n i stiil have all the letters so i dont forget what hapend to me

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Love Story Love Story Love Story Love Story


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