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Momah Hakeem Godson (1 known name)

Love wanting money

Benin City, Edo

This is the same story again and again. Meet on online dating and immediately within 2-3 days is madly in love with you. In tight has lost luggage and money in it or friends/partners in business have broken the bank and has no funds for motel/flight or food. Desperately needs money wired to him usually in Nigeria or Kenya, some part of Africa. When told you don't have the amount he request he wants to know about 2nd mortgage, retirement or any type of savings. Uses high pressure insisting on you sending some money. This is a group of con men. 3 known emails are, and They are in Nigeria. They use the names of Tom Kings from London, Lee Adams and Max Cather from Florida. You can contact the EFCC and file a report as I did. Lets stick together and put these snakes behind bars! is on facebook as Momoh Hakeem Godson about 20-25 years old, black male. Your phone contact will be a white male. They all work together to scam you out of your money.


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Here is a copy from other postings that came from th EFCC website....

FYI, there are also 'scammers' on here posting as efcc personnel.... so,, agreed about reporting it,, but caution to others to ensure its actually TO EFCC. Strong suggestion is to go directly to the EFCC website....

From the EFCC Website:

The most common way of accepting cases by EFCC is through a petition written by an individual or organization. The petition will be evaluated and if the case falls within the purview of the commission's mandate, it will be accepted for investigation and possibly prosecution. Petitions that do not fall within the purview of the commission are sent to the appropriate agency, be it the Nigeria Police Force, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), etc. Members of the public can also send complaints electronically to the commission email address: info@efccnigeria.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The commission has had complaints and also investigated cases where fraudsters impersonated the EFCC Chairman and other employees of commission in order to defraud them. The public should be aware that EFCC does not collect money to receive petitions and does not charge fee from victims to investigate their cases. Emails messages not emanating from our domain (i.e. bearing should be verified.

The Operations unit is the investigative arm of the EFCC headed by the Director of Operations. Below are the various sections under the Unit:

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