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Archwood Lending Group

Archwood lending group

Atlanta, Georgia

To answer you questions Rocky (and so ALL can read) The FBI unfortunately will not have enough time to investigate. The PD can not do anything because the scam was committed out of the country. I do however suggest making a police report so IF and WHEN the scammers are caught, you have proof that you have been a victim of them. The only way to shut these guys down, is to find them yourselves. Once you do that you can FORCE the Canadian authorities to get involved. I was a victim in 2005 by another fraudulent company, same crime different people. I found my scammers and shut them down and actually "persuaded" them to wire half my money back to me.... Results not typical! If anyone wants the details of how I did this just contact me on here and I can share what I did. You may not get the same results however it is worth a shot. The most important thing is to stop them from victimizing others.


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I would love to get some information from you. My family and I invested money through Scedena Soliz, and after repeated request to have her return the money, still we have nothing. Iwould be glad to give you more info upon request. thanks

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