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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/07/2011
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Lj Hausner

Terrible Ethics

Santa Ana, California, 92822

this company is probably the worst,scammiest company in orange county. ill give you details to illustrate mypoint.

1. they strive to make the sale. it doesn't count for them if they don't
close on the first meeting. its because there are better products out at much
cheaper prices. 6 grand is not a good price for a ABS bathtub and thin walls
that are glued to the old moldy walls. acrylic is only the very top thin small
percent of the panel. go to robert hausner's facebook. his favorite movies are
boiler room and glen gary glen ross. that should be a clue.

RATING!!!! 20 complaints and rising but they clearly say in their presentation
its 0. which is a clear lie!

3. they have no affiliation with sams club. i
checked (dont ask how. it took hours and days). they rent a space from them on
a rotating basis. they kick back 10% to them in return. but they shouldnt be
with sams club anyhow....drumroll....

4. because they are 100% subcontractors.
sams club requires them to have none. dont let them lie to you. they go through
these guys like hotcakes. i requested any one of the two service personnel to
fix the problem i had and they both were not with the company anymore... after
only 6 months. the first guy left they sent the second then he left too. oh and
that means you out in the cold if they aren't licensed or bonded or heaven
forbid injure themselves on your property.

5. their financing is a ripoff. you
wanna lose your house cause you couldnt afford the expensive payment for a bathtub
that costs them 400 dollars? btw, after my ordeal i find that even the walk in
tubs are $4k and they charge $15k for it. you will pay 50 percent extra on that
financing over only 3 years. thats $10k for a bathtub liner and walls. ->

which leak. the bathtub liners are the worst product in existence. unless they
are made properly or put in properly. but is 5 hours enough time to install
these things? nope. apparently installers at other companies will take all day
on a simple install where they dont have any other problems or plumbing to deal
with. i contacted the manufactures and competition in several locations to
confirm this. i should add after some serious research i found their
pricelists. 700 dollars for everything. thats tub, walls, everything.

7. you
pay 90%, i will repeat 90% of the total price tag before any work is ever
completed. 10 on the sale, 40 on the ordering of materials. 40 when the
materials show up and only 10 when they are installed. so you wanna cancel? you
are out 90% not 10% restocking. the full 90%!!!! so i was forced to finish the
agreement. so thats why they push the sale at the initial meeting. so after you
do your research/bbb rating checks/ and workers history it will have been too
late to do anything about it. you got nothing to show for it and the loan guys
are wanting to take your house in return.....

so bottom line is if you wanna go
with hausner buyer be ware. i made exact points and not just say customer
service is terrible. (which it is-apparently customer service should be named
litigation avoidance) so good luck. this took me forever to come up with so i
hope this helps someone especially old people since i imagine that's who they
are targeting.

btw. i went to their website today. i wonder who won the
makeover... i know they dont have 20k to give away.


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