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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/07/2011
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Kelly Belts


Bronx, New York

I want to warn anyone who meets Kelly Belts to take off running. He is after your money. I met Kelly on the dating website. We exchanged information and began communicating. He told me all about him being the owner of his own jewelry business. I received a total of 7 dozen red roses in a two week time period. He had to take a trip Ghana to purchase some gold for supposedly a big contract that he had won. When he got to Ghana, for some unknown reason he did not have the funds to return home. He called me and ask me to send him $1000 to help pay for his ticket to return home. When I told him I didn't have any money because I had bills to pay he told me not to pay my bills and send him the money and he would pay my bills on his credit card. I refused. When he finally made it home he called me pissed because I didn't help him. He still ask me to give him the $1000 that morning (remember he is supposedly at home) to help pay for his loss and he would wire the money back to me that evening. What sense does that make? He purchased a airline ticket to visit but he said he wasn't coming. He sent me the confirmation for his flight and hotel. He is suppose to arrive today (April 2010) but didn't (Thank god) The question that I have is if he needed money so desperately why didn't he cancel his flight or hotel reservations. Stolen credit card maybe? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Haven't heard from him since I didn't send the money. Women beware and proceed with caution!


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Kelly Belts is not a scammer and this is his ex girlfriend posting these things about him on here and with his pictures can you kindly remove all this about him on here since i tried doing that but could not do that My name is Mark Fish and this is my email,his lawyer and live in NJ/East Orange.Who ever has a problem could contact me and i will make sure this is taken care of and being deleted here.Thank you

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