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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/07/2011
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Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119 owned and run by one of Las Vegas' notorious scammers for online advertising schemes. This operation has no one that has a clue about SEO or is Google certified. They are just leftovers from the old union member referral websites that are huge scams.

If you want an online video created and placed on the first page of Goggle and or Yahoo you can do it yourself for free. Just go to YouTube and search for online video optimization and you'll get all the tutorials you need.

Don't take a chance of giving your money to an operation that is run by someone who has for over the past 3 years on a regular basis mutated into different online entities to avoid taking care of all the complaints that have been filed.

Reply/Respond to this post and we will send you a free instruction manual on how to create an online video and get it placed on the first pages of the search engines for free.


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