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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/08/2011
  • Severity: 10

Archwood Lending Group

Loan scam

Atlanta, GA Georgia, 30345

DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT ever use Archwood Lending Group. At the cost of looking like a desperate naieve FOOOOOL, I will tell you my story. I received a call from William Storey, FYI, probably not his real name, and he told me that Archwood Lending had pre-approved me for a loan in the amount of ten thousand dollars. All I would have to do is secure the loan with the first six months of payments so the lender could buy an insurance policy to insure the loan in the event I defaulted. Ah ya, what did I do, I secured the loan with six months worth of payments. The following day I get a call from Archwood, this time it was from a guy named Michael. Michael told me that when the lender tried to purchase the policy that they were denied due to my credit history, therefore I would need to pay another six months twords the loan in order to satisfy the insurance company parameters. So what did I do, I paid another six months, Ya what a d-bag, I know. Well, ha the following day I get another call from Archwood, this time it was from a guy named Vincent. Vincent told me that the lender had backed out of the loan and Archwood was going to file a lawsuit against the lender on Archwoods and my behalf since the lender breached the contract. Vincent also had good news, ha, ya right. Vincent said he was able to secure another loan through a different lender but instead of the ten thousand I was asking for that he was able to secure a twenty thoudand dollar loan. Yes, to your question, it was going to take just a bit more money to secure the new loan and they would be able to fund me within twelve hours. Well this time I told them to shove it up their ass and that I wanted a refund. Oh of course the refund isnt going to be available till the end of the month, ha if at all. I swear to GOD, I am an idiot, a desperate one at that and I quess that is why I fell for it, but I hope those BASTARDS DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE by choking on the fork lying tongues they speak with while Satan is jamming his pointed tool, bla bla bla........................I feel like and am an IDIOT......Anyway BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE


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