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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/08/2011
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Mark Daniel

met on

Santo Domingo, Orlando, Fl., 15700

Very Slick. No matter how smart you are, these scumbags are smarter-ie. bernie madoff.
Told me he was in Santo Domingo doing business. said he had a 7yr, old special needs child named nancy who's mother died in a car accident in Milan Italy. He claims he is Italian, from Milan but doesn't speak Italian. His parents were also killed in an accident. Claims his father was German and was home-schooled which is why he doesn't speak italian. Also claims to be very religious and God is his savior. He said he sold a tanker full of oil to someone in Nigeria, but the Dominican Republic wanted their share and once he paid them, he would have almost $4 million dollars.

The child's birthday is 3-4 and she just turned 7. Claims she won't allow him to take pictures of her, but sent me a picture of her on the beach with him. The child in the picture is a toddler.

He was able to bilk me out of a great deal of money. He got my credit info. Proposed to me after four days and when I would refuse to do something for him, he literally bawled over the phone. This happened several times. He claims to be 51 yrs. old, birthday 3-19-1960. Says he owns a duplex in Orlando Florida. Uses the phone number 829-658-4450.

He's been reported to the Federal Trade Commission, local police, Social Security, Florida Attorney General, site that I met him on.

Don't think it can't happen to you ladies. He also threatened to cut and paste my picture and put it on a porn site. When I called his bluff, he threatened to kill me when he got back to the states.

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