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LeeAnne Daniel

Romance Scammer has STD

Dayton, Ohio, 45402

She scammed me out 850.00 I had recently been seeing LeeAnne Daniel for six months and when we had sex I have notice that she had little warts on her vagina and thighs. I ask her what that was all over her and She told me that it was caused from shaving there. So I believe her. We did or thing and every thing seem fine. About 3 months later I have notice that I had wart on the tip of my penis then a week later I started to get 3 warts inside my butt hole. I got scared and went to the doctors and the doctor came in the room and had me take all my clothes of and she look at my butt and penis and said it look like to her it could be skin tit but to be safe she wanted to run test to be safe. About 2 hours the test results came back and the doctor came in the room and ask me how many people do I sleep with and I told her only one and her name was "LeeAnne Daniel" And she was the only girl I have sleep with in the passed 6 months. And that's when the doctor ask me if LeeAnne Daniel was sleeping around and I said no. Thats when she told me to tell her she needs to go and get checked by a doctor and I said why and that's when the doctor told me I have (STD) and (HPV) I broke down and cried. That's when I went home and had a long talk to her and she got mad. I talked her in to going to grandview hospital to get checked by a doctor and we went. Doctor came in and checked her and run some test and the doctor came back in the room and asked her why was she here. And LeeAnne said I am here to get tested and that's when the doctor said you know you have been tested here 2 years ago and we told you that you had (STD) That's when I got very upset. I still stayed with her because I loved her. About week ago we had went to our friends house. James Griffin asked me how long have I known LeeAnne and I told him about 6 months. I asked him why he asked me that. And he told me to watch my back. He said that she sleeps around with every tom dick and hairy. buddy and she will steal you blind. He told me that when she was dating her other boy she had affair with his step son Brandon Rose while her boy friend was at work. Then he told me she has (STD) and his step son Brandon Rose had picked up on it and did not fuck her no more. He told me that LeeAnne Daniel and her ex boyfriend had broke into his house and stolen all of his guns and lot of other stuff. He also told me one day a Niger was walking his dog and he had heard her asked that Niger if he wanted some pussy and that Niger said yes and that's when she left with that Niger. And was gone for 4 hours. When she came back Mary Margret Griffin aka Maggie said that LeeAnne told her that the Niger had a very big black Chocol dick and he was pounding her so hard. This girl is a real peach. LeeAnne Daniel working at the LOVE Boutique she has std. be careful and do not go near this animal. she likes to sleep with Different men. she wants you to think she is nice quiet and down to earth but its all an act. she will get people to sleep with her and give them std. Recently her pussy has started to have this smell that is so vile I can hardly stand it even during sex when my face is nowhere near her vagina. Her vagina smells kind of like tuna fish., She spreads STD without warning people until its too late. Now I have (STD) and (HPV) and got screwed out of 850.00 and my life is screwed up because of her. I know there are several people out there scammed by this miserable human being. She has stolen money and property from innocent people. She is a coward who runs and hides from everyone. How someone can treat people the way she does and no have a bit of remorse baffles me. There is proof that she has stolen vehicles, property and bounced checks..the list goes on and on. WHAT A LOSER. She screws everyone She comes into contact with over. she is a big hoe. I hope this story helps you, I have certainly learned my lesson to. If you fuck her you will get std. fuck her At Your Own Risk

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Romance Scammer has STD


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