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E. J. Miller, President of IDC

False Advertising

Rockville, Maryland, 20852

E. J. Miller, President of IDC advetizes himself as a major commodoties broker on all relevant websites; namely copper powder. He states that he has major quantities available. None of it is true. His website is deceptive, unveryfiable and his history of successes is false.
Equally as important, he potrays himslef as a major buyer with heavy connection to the US government and banking industry. Not true. His goal is to receive the product without prepayment and then to keep it for personal use like a trading plattform.

His full name and address is

Ekram Javar Miller, President of Intercontinental Development Corporation;
Formerly known as Inercontinetal Commerce Corporation; his website is

Intercontinental Development Corporation
3204 Tower Oaks Boulevard, Suite 410
Rockville, MD 20852, USA


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I had contacted this website with a request to delete my post about Mr. Miller. Until such deletion takes place and the website complies with my request, I would like the readers to know that this post is no longer accurate. It no loger represents the true facts as I know them now. In fact, Mr. Miller is a reputable businessman who is actively and currently engaged in commerce of rare earth minerals. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

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