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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/13/2011
  • Severity: 5

Big Sky Katz


Kalispell, Montana

I bought a kitten from Big Sky Katz - he is sick and my vet cannot figure it out despite hundreds of dollars of testing. Melodye, the breeder, will not send me his blue slip because she said she the mothers pedigree is not right so she's trying to get it fixed. She said my kitten's cost included neutering but she did not take care of that and when he arrived he also had an umbilical hernia. I asked her about it she said "Oh yeah, I knew about that and forgot to tell you but it's no big deal".

She demanded money instantly I had to pay overnight delivery because she didn't trust me.

She keeps saying she is moving and I don't think she is, she claims family emergency to clearance all her kittens but she keeps breeding more. It doesn't make sense! Oh and she was 'suprized' about the father of a litter of kittens in 2011, sounds like the other person writing on this web site had a similar situation back in 2009. To that other person who had to put your 2 year old kitten down, I am SO very sincerely sorry to hear that. Not only did you throw away money on a genetically defective cat you also no doubt had a broken heart. Not fair.

My advice: Do not trust Melodye. If I could find out what my kitten's medical condition is that would be great - this web site isn't letting me log in to contact that person...if some way this message gets through to the other Big Sky Katz complainer please post more. Thank You.


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