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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/14/2011
  • Severity: 10

Scedena Soliz

Scedena Soliz investment fraud

medford, Oregon

This woman said she had a friend Steve Jay that was investing money for her and wanted other investers. They promised to double, triple and Quadruple our investment. Some members got their initial investment back in 28 days while others did not. In June Scedena said that Steve had been arrested by the government and taken out of the country for questioning. To this date she has not heard from Him or his Lawyer. She said the man she had checkin into the diaperance is not calling her back now either. None of the 60 people that are in the group have gotten any money since July.
Now she talked this same group of people into joining so they could recoup their invesment while making a ton of money. as of 40 days ago when she set everyone up only a handfull of people have gotten a couple hundred dollars or less from zubie.
Please if anyone knows about this woman or knows how to get our money back from her, I would appreciate any information you can offer. thank you


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I dont know who would take the time to write such slaunder, but this post is abosulutely incorrect!

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