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Hawaiian Van Lines

Overcharged & Sub-contracted

Sun City, California

Hi Nichole, Way back in June,2010, I hired a company called Hawaiian Van Lines, listed on the BBB as An "A" accredited business. You gave me a price, asked for a deposit of $300.00 to book, I gave you the credit card # and recieved an email back with my booking info. Just before the move I called to pay the balance in full. I then gave someone else my card #, my card was then charged $1500.00 instead of $1200.00 which was the balance. This overdrew my account and acked up fees totaling $168.00. Eden then credited my account back the $300.00. The person that I dealth with at Eden Relocation was David. My stuff was picked up in Las Vegas on time, November 4th,2010. I was told it would arrive by the 30th of November. I didn't have an address to deliver to at the time. We were making a move to Hawaii, David said call when you have an address for us to deliver to. 3 days later, I called David with an address. He still said I would recieve everything by the 30th of November. As the 30th approached, I called David to comfirm delivery. He told me your stuff leaves tomorrow, it will be there by the 30th. Everytime I called David for an update, he would put me off, saying I'll call you back Debra. On the 29th of November, I recieve a call from David saying that my stuff will be delivered on December 8th or 9th. When I questioned the delay saying you told me over a week ago that it was already on the vessel. David's response was, "it had to be removed from that shipment because yours was not a priority shipment. " The next delivery date was December 13th, 2010. I might also add that every time I talked to David, he was quite rude. I called David on December 13th, he told me he would get it there that day if he could. I recieved my stuff on December 14th at 7 am, 1 month and 10 days later!!!! I had to spend over $400.00 purchasing things that I already had, because I didn't have them!! I had to pay the $300.00 again upon delivery, David says he never charged me the deposit. BS!! I paid for door to door service, $1500.00 + . On delivery day, Dec. 14th a young kid shows up at the door by himself. I questioned that they only sent 1 person. He told me that he posted an ad on Craigslist for odd jobs and David called him for this job. So, now, I called Hawaiian Van Lines, ended up with Eden Relocations (who I never heard of) and then I get someone from Craigslist. Now my husband has to help bring the stuff down the driveway, since the guy is alone and we didn't want a bunch of broken things. The boxes were heavy and the driveway is long & steep. So, I paid over $1500.00 for this? I think that due to the amount of money I spent on things I already had.....dishes, pots, silverware etc, we couldn't eat out every nite, and the fact that it took over a month for delivery of my stuff and the fact that my husband had to help bring it to the door.....................I should be re-imbursed at least $500.00. I found Hawaiian Van Lines on the BBB as an "A" rated company, that's why I called to book with them! I didn't know there was another company involved!!
Don't hire them. This is the claim I filed with this company, after 5 months, they sent a check for $27.00.


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