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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/14/2011
  • Severity: 10

Thomas M. Jaeger, MD

Malpractice, over-billing. murder

Rochester, Minnesota, 55905

Thomas M. Jaeger is a physician at the Rochester branch of Mayo Clinic . He was my primary care physician for more than three years. Over the three-year period, I lost weight, muscle tone, hair, and major body system functions. Dr. Jaeger told me it was the normal aging process.

What Dr. Thomas M. Jaeger didn't tell me was that he had missed the initial cancer signs. He watched and waited for me to die.

The cancer has invaded my blood, lymph system, and spread into my bones.

My 16-year old daughter will be an orphan. She has been caring for me since she was 1e-years old - when I working full-time. My daughter has suffered more than I have. She has been my hospice care provider.

Instead of offering me treatment for the primary cancer, he only offered me narcotic pain medication.

Stay away from the Clinic unless you already have a diagnosis.

Buyer beware. Patient beware. Wealthy patients need to be extra cautious for the Department of Development. They will swindle you out of millions of dollars. They will take your hard-earned money away from your family after you pass. That's what they do.


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