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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/19/2011
  • Severity: 8


Earn Money with Amazon, Google,

Phoenix, Arizona, 85056

First, you are offered a chance to make money on the Internet by having people click through a site (they build for you) with your earmarks. You make money on the click-thru. You set up a meeting with the COACH on your phone and then you find out that there is an ADDITIONAL 1 to 3 thousand dollar advertising package to buy that includes a UTUBE video commercial that they make for you.

MORE MONEY! On top of the $528.00 you just spent for the crappy looking website they just built without your input; with your money.



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  • Moe
  • Submitted: 04/26/2011
You just saved me the time and money of listening to the BS over the phone. As soon as I said I had the goods on them and exactly how much this little con of theirs would cost---I got just a dial tone. Thank you.
  • clisa4
  • Submitted: 04/27/2011
EXCELLENT! So glad to hear.....this was the goal of posting it to as many places as I could find. That inludes some credit card companies for a couple of the major banks so good folks don't have to fight to get their hard-earned money back.

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