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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/22/2011
  • Severity: 9

The National Property Trust -

The national Property Trust -

New York and Florida, Florida, 10065

Do some due diligence and you will easily discover that this company is a complete scam.

1. The company used to display a stock ticker link on their home page linking to a publicly traded company in New Zealand ( One call to Allan Tan, CFO ((04) 499 3219) of that company revealed that there is no relationship between the New Zealand company and, or "Brad Scott." The New Zealand company said they would issue a cease and desist letter to Within two days the link was removed from

2. In trying to contact their "Portfolio" companies listed on the website (before it was removed) we found that the companies either did not exist (completely FAKE), or that the legitimate companies did not have a relationship with, or "Brad Scott." One exception is a company KR Capital, who refused to comment. The other legitimate companies were shocked to learn of their logo and identity misuse. Once the legitimate companies were notified the "Portfolio" page was removed from the website later that day, and has not been re-posted since. "Portfolio" companies were: KR Capital, PropertyShine,, Emerging World Pharma, Intellicred, Sierra Resource Group, ClassicMedia, Actient, Landmark Aviation, Devicor, Sorenson Communications, Cardinal Logistics Management. One the FAKE company websites you would have noticed that if you tried to go to any other links from the home page that you would have only refreshed the home page. Also, go to the contacts page of any of the FAKE web companies and you would have discoved no address, no phone numbers, or no e-mail addresses. Strange for so many comapnies to make it so hard for their potential customer to contact them.

3. The company purports to have an "Anne Morgan" and "Melissa Levine" working at the company, but you will never talk to them because they do not really exist. Multiple messages left to each of those individuals were either not returned at all, or eventually returned by "Brad Scott."

4. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) link at the bottom of the website actually links to a company in Florida with the same name "The National Property Trust." One call to the company (727-799-0111) revealed that they have no relationship to, or "Brad Scott." The BBB has been notified and is investigating.

5. The addresses from their website at 1275 First Avenue, Suite 155, New York, NY 10065 is a mailbox at the UPS Store. The other addresses are random strip centers.

It took one afternoon and six phone calls to start unraveling the inconsistencies and lies on the website. I hope that you didn't give them any money.

Good luck.


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To Whom It May Concern:

We are unsure as to the intentions of the author of this claim, but the matter has been taken up with our counsel and we have filed a complaint to dispute any and all claims via standard arbitration matters, at a real and actual cost to our firm. These claims are completely baseless and whomever issued this complaint is most likely someone who was denied funding or perhaps another firm that we exposed in numerous attempts to defraud our fund. The claims made against The National Property Trust do not indicate any instance of any monies being transferred, collected, or misappropriated by our firm. In fact, we do not charge or ask for any upfront fees prior to funding any real estate or business deals, so we are unsure how any of our company's policies or practices would be deemed a "rip-off". We would challenge the person who issued this posting to find a single individual who has lost any money or "ripped off" by our firm. It seems as though most of the claims surround the links on our website, which is clearly not the integral base infrastructure of our investment fund.

Additionally, the party that issued this statement clearly does not understand the sometimes complicated and cumbersome internal entity structuring of large scale business transactions. There are many partners that participate in our firm, and just because one of the listed companies on our "portfolio" page was not familiar with a specific individual within our firm or was funded through one of our numerous subsidiaries or affiliates that operates under a different name, does not mean that the capital did not originate from our firm or is not affiliated with one of our firm's partners. The fact that we utilize a centralized mail service seems to be an attack on our firm as well, but in actuality it is quite common to utilize this type of service as it greatly adds to the efficiency our infrastructure as we are scattered throughout various geographic locations. Additionally, the fact that locations listed are shopping centers would make logical sense, given that we maintain a large portfolio of commercial real estate assets and it is not uncommon for us to occupy vacant space with a satellite office of our firm.

We are not sure who posted this or what his or her intentions are in debunking the reputation of our firm, but again, we do not charge any upfront fees or take any type of money for any of our services. In fact, the truth is quite the contrary - we devote valuable internal resources to the complete and thorough underwriting and investigation of any proposed business or real estate funding request prior to issuing any formal documents or proposals related to the requested capital funding. In conjunction with any proposed funding partnership, we always provide a complete proof of funds or letter guaranty from our bank and encourage prospective partners or clients to perform thorough due diligence on our firm, showing the confidence that we have in the integrity and ethical operations of our firm.

Any and all claims are a clear misrepresentation and most importantly devalue the hard work that our team puts forth on a daily basis - we can only imagine the frustration that our employees will feel if they read that they "do not exist".

Again, we are unsure as to why this derogatory attack on our firm was posted, but please note that there was never any reference to any party losing money or being "ripped off". The claims are strictly made against the web presence that our firm maintains, which was done via simple website and in no way indicates the financial, intellectual, or ethical capital that our firm strives to maintain. In fact, the author of this complaint even acknowledges that once an erroneous link was brought to our attention, we promptly rectified the situation. There are numerous parties that have closed deals with our firm and whom can attest to the integrity of our firm. This posting is quite bothersome to all of the employees and partners of our firm, as we work very hard to serve the needs of our partners and clients, and we have the full confidence that this matter will be arbitrated justly and any negative remarks issued against our firm are promptly redacted.

It is unfortunate that any person can post such baseless claims that greatly tarnish the reputation of a firm that receives such hard work and devotion by a number of employees and partners on a daily basis.
  • Xavier
  • Submitted: 04/27/2011
Dear National Property Trust ( Representative:

We are delighted that you have chosen to respond to our claims. My company has screen shots and print outs chronicling the various iterations of your website changes over the past several weeks. We would be happy to post those images should it become necessary. We invite you to continue making remarks as you see fit. My firm has five hours and six phone calls invested in this effort. I would hope that your firm as a "sophisticated" investement firm, as you claim to be, would take much more interest in the quality of information offered through your website. And, since you brought it up, your website does ask for payment upfront by asking for $50 to submit the inquiy. Thank you for mentioning it. The misrepresented links and information that we found horrified their actual owners, which instigated our research, and prompted this report.

Our firm was made aware of your website's misrepresentations beginning with the phony link that you provided on your home page to a publicly traded New Zealand company with the same name. My office called your company and left messages about the misrepresentation, but we never heard back. Several days later in a call to the New Zealand company we learned that they had already fielded calls from individuals and companies, but they had no relationship with your company. We were told that they had a genuine concern about the matter and would send a cease and desist letter to your company as well as alert their regulators. Fortunately, you have made this an international incident, and have plenty of parties aware of the misrepresentation. I think we have not seen the last of this issue. I have provided you Mr. Tan's telephone number, (04) 499 3219, in New Zealand if you would like to verify this information.

Since my office was able to verify the stock ticker misrepresentation, and not yet heard back from your office, we decided to do the next simplest step and click on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) located on the bottom of your home page. Much to our chagrin, this too turned to link to a company with a similar name with no connection or relationship to your company. They said that they would report the matter to the BBB, and we said that we would report it to them as well. Please feel free to contact the misrepresented National Property Trust in West Florida for their comment: 727-799-0111

With this misrepresentation verified, we chose to alert the FBI, Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). We immediately took to verifying your "Portfolio" page and company address locations. As even you admit, your main address location is indeed a mailbox at a UPS Store, and that your other addresses are vacant addresses. Most of the companies on your portfolio pages revealed either no contact information, or wrong contact information. We were amused to learn that the links to other pages on their websites usually refreshed the home page. The companies who ere legitimate wer contacted and claimed to have no knowledge of your company and denied any relationship. We shared your website with them and found them to have a great concern about the misuse of their logos and trademarks as bringing legitimacy to your company. I'm sure that your "legal counsel" is dealing with that issue now? Let me reiterate those companies names here so that anybody reading this might just check for themselves: KR Capital, PropertyShine,, Emerging World Pharma, Intellicred, Sierra Resource Group, ClassicMedia, Actient, Landmark Aviation, Devicor, Sorenson Communications, Cardinal Logistics Management. Perhaps your next iteration of your website will have actual individuals and companies with whom you conducted your successful transactions. My office will follow up on anybody you post on your next website as a courtesy to those who are following this thread.

For the record and your understanding: We are a law firm located in southern California. Our firm, nor any of our clients, to our knowledge, have applied for, nor been denied any credit, loans, investments opportunities, or any other services offered by your alleged company.

We have not entered into any contracts with your alleged company, and therefore do not know about the resolution through arbitration that you might be seeking. I'm sure that your "legal counsel" will advise you. I believe that we will meet in the future when we come together in an FBI office for our depositions. Until then, we will keep a bemused eye on your activities, and eagerly await your next rebuttal.
Who Scammed You Commenter
May 6, 2011

If anyone (else) has been scammed by "The National Property Trust," or by Brad Scott (whose real name is Brad Kuskin) please contact me immediately. My E-mail is:

Please notify me ESPECIALLY if you have dealt with BRAD KUSKIN via The GoBig Network ( !!!!!

This is SERIOUS business, and the more we communicate with one another the sooner BRAD KUSKIN will be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law !
Who Scammed You Commenter
FROM GoBig TODAY - 5/7/2011

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Wil Schroter
Date: Sat, May 7, 2011 at 1:27 PM
Subject: Member Warning: National Property Trust

Dear Members, we have been advised of an account that has been created on Go BIG Network by the name of “NP Trust” (also “National Property Trust”) that is under investigation due to a report from our membership.

We are reaching out to you because we believe they may have tried to contact you in the past.

Please call us if you are currently doing business with NP Trust before proceeding. You can reach us directly at 888-391-7096.

The security and trustworthiness of our membership is paramount to us, so we would appreciate any insight you can provide as we conduct this investigation.

Wil Schroter
Go BIG Network

Xavier, Unfortunately I know Brad Kuskin all too well, He is now attempting to declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy and I am attempting to block it as a result of his pervasive fraud (in activities apparently prior to this NPT scam). I also have spoken with a secret service agent investigating his activities. Might I speak with you and share some information.

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