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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/23/2011
  • Severity: 9

Richard Bruce Winters

Money changer

Sarasota, Florida

We winked, then started writing. Claimes he is from Barcelone Spain, only child, father dead. Wife and daughter died 6 years ago in a "gastric' car crash. Left Bakersfield, CA. Moved to Sarasota six months ago. Working in oil fields in Nigeria. Will have his own web site soon
This guy will sweet talk you,tell you the prettiest wordsyou have ever heard. Love was there..even called me Mrs. Winters Talked endlessly for 2 weeks. I started getting red flags, so I played along.Asked for his #, refused. Asked hi to put up his webcam. Refused. I knew he was hiding, and the oictures of the gorgeous man with the glass of wine, was probably a black Nigerian. He English was horrid.
Finally asked me for monry to get his big check cashed. I refused, then the fighting started. Accusing me of not trusting him. I told him helo no I don't trust you. You are a scammer. Told him to get another fool. I destroyed all his pics...wasn't him anyway. But he is 6ft brown hair, brown eyes, Handsome. Pics on the beach in his bathing siut, on a bridge at his house, at a prty with a glass of wine.BEWARE he is a smooth talker and knows which buttons to push. What a shame. These people need to be stopped Thank s


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