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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/23/2011
  • Severity: 5

extremely sub-standard photos and false advertising

Gainesville, Florida

This company takes photos of newborns in the hospital. The photos came to us crumpled and bent, in flimsy packaging, and cut at irregular angles. Portions of other pictures appear on the borders (due to bad cutting). They come on very thin paper as well; nearly see-through. It's like a child was practicing photo developing, printing, and cutting with our project. Customer service was incredulous and not willing to give a refund. So we'll just throw these in the garbage and keep posting about our disappointment.

Another issue is misrepresentation: The brochure states, and the photographer confirmed, that portions of the proceeds go to the hospital where the photos were taken. Representatives at the corporate office said this is not the case. Also, the photographer said the smaller photos would come with white borders, but there are no borders. Even if the photos were not crumpled there would be no way to cut these evenly without a professional setup. All in all, this is a business that needs to be shut down. They take advantage of parents in a very emotional state. If they come into your hospital room, send them away! It's all a sham, and a very unethical company.


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