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  • Submitted: 04/23/2011
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bancorpfunding of USA, micheal simmons, jamal simmons, mel brown

up front loan payments

Atlant, Dallas, New york, Georgia

Bancorp Of Usa...Professional Theives! Stiffed Several Companies Of their $$
This is a friendly warning to ALL who read it.

Our company was contacted by a "Michael Simmons" who claims to be with the company (Bancorp of Usa). He expressed in interest in our company being hired "under contract"...which we have a signed document of proof to advertise for his company on classified sites. We drafted an agreement, had it signed and went to work.

The agreement was that his company would pay (x amount of $) every Thursday of each week for a (3) month duration. He explained to us that due to him being "burned" by the last company he would like us to start the work and then he would make good on payment. We placed advertisements for him (several thousand) for (1) entire week. Thursday came...and Thursday went...NO PAYMENT. I called him to get an update for payment. He explained that they were in legal dispute with PayPal and that they would need to set up a new account. When that fell through a few days later, he said that they would "overnight" a check. Well, you can see the writing on the wall. No payment!!

At this point I contacted the company that built his website to enquire if they had a similar experience..sure enough they were only paid 1/2 of the amount due to them. (Solution Web Designs) #813-990-9195. Please call this web design company to validate. I also contacted the previous advertising company (Clad Pros) #571-288-1526 to see what happened with them. Shocking....they were ripped off as well. They advertised for this "company" for a whole week with NO PAYMENT!

This company needs to face the music.. they have gone on a "RIP OFF SPREE" of sucker punching good people, and good companies that offer a real service. To date they owe us $1,200.00. Due to the request of the Ripoff Report we can not place our personal information here. Please...Please call the companies that have been named, and robbed by these crooks to verify the truth of these statements.

We just don't want to see others taken by these maggots!!! You Have Been Warned!!!

Watch out for these guys. Company name is BANCORP USA, scammers. They promise to get you cars, housing, etc. using their co-signers. They take you money by Green Dot cards, moneygram, western union, etc. They suppose to have offices in Dallas, New York, and now in Atlanta. These fagots don't have real offices, just virtuals. The authorities are on to them, so be careful.. MEL BROWN AND JAMAL SIMMONS----BANCORP FUNDING USA.

So I am a student and was desperate looking for someone to help me co-sign a loan or help me out with a loan. This company says they have a list of c-signer ( I know what you are thinking, bad!, but I am one semester away from graduating). The problem is they also do things like consulting and accounting services.

I called and I talked to the guy, asked a million questions. I did not know what to think, they asked me to pay through MoneyPak and I did. They EVEN sent me the receipt, which I requested. Then my loan was not cosigned, they kept telling me maybe tomorrow, the next day...Then I requested a refund. They emailed me saying they send a check, On Fe. 9 2011 and until now I did not receive anything in the mail.

I know it was a risk to go through this, and I knew I might get scammed, but I was desperate! I am mad at myself, I lost $250!!!

This si website:

I hope no one gets caught in this scam.


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