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Randy Grey

money scam

London, East, LCN

Met this guy on By the name of Randy He seemed real and sincere. He lived in the London with a daughter named Lucy. His wife died of ovarian cancer 7 years prior. He was a civil engineer, and all of a sudden had to travel to Nigeria for a contract he received from his business in London. All of a sudden he was stuck there because he was not getting paid. He asked me to send him 1500usd so he could start his plans to come visit me. It could only be sent Western Union. HA! Being a cautious and paranoid person I traced all of his e-mails and they all came from Lagos, Nigeria. Needless to say he received NO money from me. Once I was onto him I reported him to Match because I found that he changed his profile to dixielacy. He did change that name too. I also know he goes by the name of James He's a scum bag. Beware...he changes his name all the time. He's always from London East.

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money scam money scam money scam money scam


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  • Margot
  • Submitted: 06/02/2011
OMGoodness this happen to me Im so sorry we fell for this I will keep you in my prayers!

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