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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/26/2011
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Scott Hummel

Internet Dating

yukon, Oklahoma

This man will pretend he is from Yukon OK, a God-fearing man, seeking a God-fearing woman. He will tell you his wife and son was killed in 9-11 Attack in New York. He will get you to fall in love with his very romantic love letter. Then he will pretend he is going out of country for job project and ask you for support but does not say it is monetary. Then when he "supposedly" arrives in Nigeria, he will call and tell you his Visa card will not work there and want you to send money for hotel. After that it is constantly one reason after another he needs money sent to him. The he will promise to come to you and marry you as soon as project is over, but never gets a flight, just keeps needing money for one reason after another until he sucks every dollar out of you he can. When you run out of money and have no more he will dump you, blaming you becasuse you do not have enough money to support him, that you do not love him.

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So sorry this this happened to you.... You may want to check out some of the postings on Nikos Barnabas.... he hit several people for a ton of money... Same scenario,,, different details....

He also left someone waiting at the airport..... Soulless......
I met this guy as well but he didn't get the money. It was too obvious that he was up to something. When he told me about his wife and son killed on 911, I checked the list of victims and could not find their names (red flag). If he has been living in Liverpool UK (probably false) for 14 years then why was his family in NY and how were they killed? Also I could not find any deceased record information overseas or NY. It didn't make sense to me.
If you notice in the last picture you posted, he is holding that woman's hand and it seems as if she knows him on a personal and intimate level. Could that be his wife? The picture was a huge giveaway.
I posted information regarding my encounter with a copy of the contract certificate he sent with a business name, address, and phone number.
BBS Construction Limited and the information on their website doesn’t match the certificate (red flag) could be a different company. There is a phone number 447024015542 and this could be false as well and so could his name. Certificate says Scott Hummel of Dublin Ireland. Also, I tried to locate the name of the church he gave me.
Sorry about what happened but never give money to any man under any circumstance that you have never met or married too. Keep in mind it's easy to deceive someone via the internet but the eyes, actions, and body language don't lie.
Don't give up on looking for love but keep your search local so you can interact with the individual. Most of all watch, read the signs, check the facts, and pray. Your intuition/gut feeling is never wrong.
I also informed the website where we met and sent a link of your posting and filed a complaint as well. Once I let him know that I was onto his scam, his profile was deleted from the website where we met. Nevertheless, I played the part to gather enough information to post on this site.
This guy came on today using scott46 from yukon thanks fir the warning

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