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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/22/2010
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Anthony Acinapura and Yvonne Lopez

Non Paying Tenants

Lantana, Florida

I signed up these tenants on a 1 year lease. They stayed for a couple months than breached the contract and tried to demand the security deposit back.. They left the apartment in good shape, but if you are a Landlord I would not Lease to them.


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I must say that Mr. David Lee (our ex landlord) is not telling the true.
1-. We indeed signed a lease for 1 year with in may of 2008 with him, we only lived there for 5 months, during those 5 months, we paid our rent within the first 5 days of each month, we also paid cash and I have all of the payment receipts that he gave me stating that I have paid the rent for every single one of the 5 months that we lived there.
2-. We had to end the lease, because my husband's business closed down, which meant that he did not have a job there anymore. Instead of not paying, we explained the situation and agreed on terminating the lease. I also have all the emails that we wrote each other to prove what I'm saying. in October of 2008 we vacated the Apt. and moved to a different state where my husband got a job, and where we have been living ever since.
3-. We did ask him to give us the money from the deposit back, because at that time money was tight and we had 3 kids one being only 4 months old. He said the following to me on an email "In lieu of the tough economic times we are all facing, we have decided not to take legal action on the both of you for the remaining balance and your default on the Lease. We are going to keep your security deposit of $1,600 as damages, instead of pursuing the full amount of $10,400 which is due to us." we agreed to this.
4-. we returned the apartment in PERFECT condition, better than when we first moved in.
5-. We have NEVER SCAM anybody and will not accept that this person post a statement like this on the web. this is perjury to our names and our integrity, and I demand this gets removed from the web or I will take other actions, this is a misleading statement that may cause harm to us in the future, if we wanted to rent another home.
I have all the evidence to prove that Mr. Lee lied when he stated that we were NON PAYING TENANTS.

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