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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/01/2011
  • Severity: 5



las Vegas, Nevada

She promises to fix things in 3 hours fro communication with your lost loved one, she will reassure you that a spell need not be cast but a ( SPIRITUAL BONDING ) this is BS... I paid her 300 and she wont return a call 40 at least .. I have filled her voicemail and sent over 50 text.... SHE WILL SCAM YOU , she seems nice and concerned and acts liek she cares.... trusst me its an act to get your money.... pleae take yoru money give it to a church, buy yourself something nice or just keep it... but giving it to her is liek burning it yourself... sont accept her stories about why this post was written its lies... she is a fake and will leave you at your weakest moment.. we turn to them for help becasue we have no where else to go and she took total advantage... KEEP YOUR MONEY SHE IS A FAKE !!!!! GOD as my witness i speak the truth... save your money !!!!!! dont belileve her and AVOID AT ALL COST !!!!!


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