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Ghaddafi's American Dream to retire

Tripili, State of Fear; Rule by Fear!

This murder now stares into a mirror having ripped myself and all Americans of our tax dollars to save the lives of millions of innocent people.
FAUX EVENT: Staring into his mirror to ask: "Change my name to Mirror on the on the wall, change my name to Gaddafeaux; a new French ragtop; can go via Italy to study Champagne vines in France. How many Lybian slaves must carry a fat belly bladder to get all my sweet crude? How many gold bricks can they carry on their back, then they can work in my American Dream, buy a vineyard in Napa. How many slaves do I need to get every ounce of gold?
New Gaddafeaux, what code word do I use with Western Union to cash in my cache of U$ Dollars; Euros and Pounds Sterling to move thirty billion??? Gaddafeaux loves the American Dream now, my wealth bearing slaves can work my Napa vineyard: California Champagne de Gaddafeaux! Praise Allah and the U$ dollar."


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