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Teresa Carillo

Car Purchase from Nigeria

Jefferson City, Montana, 65101

Congratulations, the item is yours - 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser
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Congratulations, the item is yours - 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser?
Invoice for transaction #: 382472882711
Dear Rick Jones,

Congratulations on winning this item! The next step is to pay eBay. Check out and pay with Western Union to get your item as soon as possible.

2000 Toyota Land Cruiser?
Payment information: US $3,200.00 - Deposit: $0,00 - Shipping Charges: $0,00 - Remaining Balance: $0,00 - Total Amount Due: $3,200.00
Estimated delivery: 4 business days after the payment is confirmed to eBay.
Seller Information:
Teresa Carrillo
1920 Andrea Dr Jefferson City, MO 65101 United States
Five easy steps to complete your eBay transaction:

1. Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the item, sale price and number of days for the buyer's inspection.

2. Buyer sends payment to eBay. The payment will be held in pending in a verified trust account by eBay until the buyer receives and inspects the item for 5 days.

3. Seller send item to buyer. Once the payment has been submitted to the verified eBay account we will begin the shipping process.

4. Buyer receives the item and will have 5 days to decide either to accept or reject the item. If the item will be rejected it will be shipped back on the seller's expense and the buyer will be refunded by eBay in full.

5. If the item is accepted by the buyer, eBay pays the seller. The transaction is complete. For any questions contact eBay customer support department Toll Free at : +1 (877) 319-9499.
Payment instructions:
1.Go with cash at any Western Union office.
2.Send the payment to the eBay financing agent, using his name and address, please note that the Western Union transfer fee can be deducted from the amount you are sending.
3.Confirm the payment to us by faxing the payment receipt to eBay financial department at : +1 (206) 309-9730.
eBay Financial agent information:
First Name: Duncan
Last Name: Baddek
Address: 69 Manin Street
City: Rome
Zip: 00185
Country: Italy
After the payment it confirmed the item will be shipped automatically to the shipping address below:
7381 Alexander St
Gilroy CA 95020
United States

*Please verify the shipping address to avoid delays.

Marketplace Safety Tip
Pay eBay only, don't pay any unauthorized 3rd parties. The Western Union transfer fee can be deducted from the amount you are sending. For any questions contact eBay customer support department Toll Free at : +1 (877) 319-9499.
Our financial agents are instructed and capable to receive your payment and to close the deals on time without any delays, once you send the payment to a verified eBay agent all your funds will be fully guaranteed.
eBay Buyer Protection covers items purchased using eBay's services with eligible payment methods that are not received or not as described by the sellers. All the items are covered if the payment is being sent to a verified eBay agent and not to any other parties. eBay Buyer Protection cover fraudulent charges or cases of buyer remorse. eBay Buyer Protection transactions are covered for 45 days from the date of payment.

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