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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/04/2011
  • Severity: 10

Deborah Michlle Valdez

AKA Debi Thomson

Rredlands, California

This scamer is a pice of work Deborah Michlle Valdez DOB 12/12/75 AKA Debi Thomson, Deborah Thomson, she plays men for any thing she can, she will steal from you and give it to another guys or her daughter, watch out for your car, she will lie about getting in a wreck or her car is getting fixed or her daughter is on her death bed and she needs to go to the hospital, so she can use your car then she will drive your car to see another guy, she talks about doing all kinds of sports all lies, she will tell you people are her family members like his my cousin or shes my grandma all lies,she will tell you she has her own company a part of Northwestern Mutual Mutual Life Insurance Company maybe she got 2 or 3 $35 checks from them, put your pills and medication away she will steal them and and ingest them, if you are a car dealer or rentel car companie do not let her take a car by herself she will keep it call the cops, just every thing about her daughter is a lie she has supervised visitations its been confirmed by two people that when talking to her on the phone she was talking to he daughter and her daughter was not even there, she went as far as making voices of her daughter as if she was with her, Deborah ofen talks about kidnapping her daughter but makes it like shes going to do something fun with her, Deborah will always talk about her daughter to throw you off,she has no car or a place to live if she tells you that she has its someone elses, she has charm and and a nice body do not be taken in by that or FOOLED by it, she has done check fraud identity theft and grand theft, corut cace #FSB110392 out of San Bernardino, knowen # 909 289 5915 #309 936 7555 #9092895915 # 3099367555 if you have found your way to this page you will know this all to be true,you would never think people like this existe but they do, get away from her or burn her before she does it to you, if you have any info on Deborah and you want to share on this page fill free or any other scamer

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AKA Debi Thomson AKA Debi Thomson


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This person is absolutely ruthless. She uses people constantly. There is a strong possibility that she may suffer from psychopathy. She has an incredible track record of lies, deceit, fraud, forgery, and numerous brushes with the law. She continues to bilk everyone she comes in to contact with out of money, cars, and anything she deems worth her while. No one is safe from this person!!!! Be careful to protect yourself and your loved ones. She is completely remorseless. Never culpable for the utter chaos she brings to peoples lives. WARNING: She is capable of completely ruining your life on every level.
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Sorry! This sounds very much like the evil woman that conned me. No concience or remorse. A textbook sociopath. Just seach the First name I use for my profile here and there will be lots to read. She took me for over $300k over two years!
  • Luna
  • Submitted: 09/28/2015
Just to inform whoever may have posted this, she is dead now. You may or may not know this already. She had a mental illness. No one comes into this life and says," Hey! Sign me up for the mentall illness trait!" Yes, she made many mistakes in this life. There is no reason for you to keep this posted anymore. Also, if you are going to insult someone, use correct grammar. Out of respect, please delete this.
her daughter

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