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genrikh erdman

Heinrich Erdman.

moscow, Russia

this man he lie to me very much. He tell me I love you then he say you must give me money to help me come see you. my family tell me to stay away from this russian man but i tell them he loves me. I feel much sorrow for he tell me how his wife die in car accident but he live on. He is much pleasureable to look at but bad person. My family tell me I should have been careful of this Russian as they are big people to lie to others.
I watch. I watch him with close eyes to see other poor womans who loose their money and their spirit. I find out this Heinrich already have family. This man on facebook and face look in Spainish language. He has pet name Henric Erdman. He work very close with ISIF with many other people who take money from others. Be carefull with heart and money. Stay not near him.


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you are victim number 6 so far who has approached all the other victims.
Mr. Erdman has never contacted any of the victims to apologize for the
misuse of his name. If he did not have any knowledge of the events he is now
informed. Not once has he come forward to try to clear his name or to
try to find out who it was that had been using his identity. Not once.
which leads all of the victims to wonder Why? Why has he not come forth
to discuss and try to help all of us to catch this man who has been claiming to
be Genrikh Erdman. Why has his wife, the mother of his children, not raised a
hand or a cry of protest of her husband's good name? Either she is illiterate and can not
read and write, or she can not read and write English. However, after viewing the web search engines from Russia ,there are postings regarding the situation in Russian. Perhaps she does not care. Perhaps it does not matter to her. Perhaps she has been instructed not to say anything. Personally if my husband was accused of all this I would be screaming at the top of my lungs to try to protect him and prove his innocense. I suppose being a busy Mom to three children and carrying very expensive designer leather hand bags is much more of a reason to stay with a lying, cheating, narcisstic, socio path husband. ALL allegedly, of course. I may be incorrect. If I am, I offer my apologies.

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