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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/06/2011
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Peter Dante Tantiado

Craigslist Housing Scam DANTE' 310.387.2571

Venice, California, 90291

This house is a very unpleasant place to live. 9 people, 2 dogs and a rat crammed into a 1500 square foot, 2 bedroom house leads to some very stressful living situations.

Dante can be charming in the initial interview and cleans the house just well enough to make it look neat. However, with 9 people using the same bathroom and kitchen it gets nasty very quickly and nobody takes responsibility to clean unless someone new is coming to see the house. Asking Dante to do anything resembling his promises in the lease leads to immediate drama.

His Craigslist ad states no drug or alcohol users. However, at least half the house was constantly high and a few even grew pot plants illegally on the property, including Dante. The lease itself has as one of its terms "420 friendly" and there were also harder drugs taken at the house, which Dante always ignored.

It is not a quiet beach house. Everyone in the house has laptops and plays music loudly at all times of day and night. The living room stereo is even louder and used just as inconsiderately.

The "closet" space consists of a small clothes hanging area which can't be locked. While I was there several people had their possessions tampered with, yet Dante refused to intervene. I believe it was because Dante makes it a habit to bring random homeless men, including heroin addicts, that he meets on the boardwalk into the house and then expects the people who actually pay rent to just deal with it.

I cannot stress how unpleasant living in this house is. I recommend spending a little extra and find a place that provides safety and privacy and lacks drama.

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Craigslist Housing Scam DANTE' 310.387.2571 Craigslist Housing Scam DANTE' 310.387.2571


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Who Scammed You Commenter
108 Thornton Place
Venice, CA 90291
Who Scammed You Commenter
Also see this scam:
I actually lived in this house for almost a year. Dante' was pleasant at the beginning and still is. The house is in excellent shape and immaculate. He keeps it clean regardless of when someone else was moving in. After interviewing me, he has rules with his contract that everyone signs upon moving in. He has told several people to move out due to issues, but he is not the police. Not sure what this person above who wrote this nasty remark about him was talking about, but I think it was one or two of the girls that lived in the house who moved to Los Angeles and was too scared to walk anywhere on the street. These girls even left a bloody mess in the bathroom after they use it. So they moved out without giving Dante (the landlord) notice. The house is one block away from the beach. Venice is full of diverse people of all kinds. Dante' helps people out without judging who they are. He doesn't have a mean streek on him unless someone screws him over. He's been a great friend, advisor, and mentor to alot of people including myself who now has his own place. Whatever the writer said about Dante' is so false and probably jealous.
Who Scammed You Commenter
The person that made the last post is Dante Tantiado trying to save face and make himself look better than he actually is.

I'm not surprised it took you almost two months to find this scam warning, Dante. You really aren't very bright.

I'm glad you've been having to post your ad up to 4 times a day on Craigslist. That shows me that people have been doing their homework and finding out what a crooked bastard you are.

You DON'T clean the house regularly and you DO judge people constantly. In your Craigslist ad you illegally discourage women and people over 30 from applying to live there because you want to load the house up with young, male ass. Don't deny it.

There is nothing about you to be jealous of. But if that helps you sleep, go ahead and believe it.

This posting is defamatory, because it is untrue. This site and this poster can and will be sued if this is not removed immediately.

This is a house that has housed many people who have enjoyed living there. It seems this particular person does not like living there. That person should just move out.

Living in a house with a group of people is not for everyone. This is a big, clean, sunny beach house in one of the coolest areas of California -- it is a one minute walk down to the Venice Beach area.

The house is 420 friendly -- which means it is friendly to people that have the California medical marijuana card. Yes, they smoke marijuana -- totally legally. And yes, a few of them might grow marijuana -- totally legally.

So -- yes, this is a cool house right near the beach and the people living there are actors, musicians, filmmakers, students from all around the world, etc. The house is full of creative, fun, interesting people. There is always some friction in communal living -- it is for easy-going people who don't mind sharing space. If you need a lot of space, or total quiet, -- it is not for you. If you like being around fun, interesting, lively people and living right near the beach -- this is for you.
AND ALSO -- if the poster was living in the house and thought something needed to be cleaned - get your butt busy and help clean. If you have a houseful of people, you cannot expect one person to do all the cleaning. This is not a hotel. You are living VERY inexpensively in one of the greatest areas in the Los Angeles area, convenient to everything great.

Instead of posting your spoiled baby complaints online, try helping out with cleaning the place where you live. Of course kitchens and bathrooms used by a group are going to need constant cleaning. Divide the chores and do your share.

If SHARING is not for you, get ready to pay 5 times as much and move somewhere else!
Who Scammed You Commenter
It is a true posting and if you can figure out who I am, then I'll see you in court.
@Boba Fett - Your information can be subpoenaed. We are in contact with the David Lee, the owner of this site, and have his home address, the corporate address, and the corporate service office office address.

If you live in a communal house and you do not fit in, just move. It is a beach house where rent is very low. It is for people who want a shared student and artist type of lifestyle. Since you are not a friendly, sharing or caring type of person, you don't fit in. Know yourself. You are high maintenance, snotty, mean, uncooperative, etc. You don't belong in a group setting.
Who Scammed You Commenter
So first you say the post is untrue and then you admit that there is drug use in the house, that it does get noisy and that it isn't always clean, all of which flatly contradict your craigslist ad. My goal was to let people know that it isn't the utopia you try to make it look like when you are trying to fool people into signing a lease.

If what I have posted is defamatory, then your post about Ricardo Pangan is also. Perhaps he would be interested in taking you back to court.

And since you discriminate against women and people over 30 in your ad, I would say there is strong enough evidence for a case against you.

Look, whoever the "anonymous person" is that is posting these things -- Mr. Pagan is a nut who filed a court case that was totally false. The judge dismissed the case because it made no sense. Mr. Pagan is a harassing and inappropriate person.

Because Pagan and you have used this site and posted this rubbish, and because this irresponsible website exists, Mr. Tantiado has filed a complaint with the FBI against Mr. Pagan, against this site, and against the "anonymous" poster who soon will no longer be anonymous. And yes these are criminal complaints, because harassing a person via the internet is illegal.

If the anonymous poster is actually residing in Mr. Tantiado's house -- how ungrateful can you be? You are being given a safe, fun place to live with a group of intelligent, good people in a great location -- at a bargain price. The house is sunny and welcoming and a block from the famous beach. This is located in one of the most popular places in the whole USA. If you do not enjoy it, just move. Not everyone is suited to living with others, and you apparently are not suited. If you cannot get along with others, cannot pitch in and help, and feel the need to harass others, then you do not belong in a group.
And the idiocy of saying that Mr. Tantiado discriminates against ANYONE.. This is absurd. He has had plenty of female roommates and plenty of people over age 30. But -- it is his house that he lives in, and he is allowed to choose whomever he wants.

You may think you know the law, but you are really an ill-informed, incorrect, harassing person.
Mr. tantiado is by far what i would call a scam artist. if you didnt think there was going to be any stress when you decided to move into a 2 bedroom house with 9 people in it then your a moron. when mr. Tantiado would invite me over i can always recall the house being very clean. his house is located almost directly on the boardwalk. the price he is renting for is very very cheap compared to EVERYTHING else in the venice/ santa monica area. if you were looking for the perfect life in the perfect house in the perfect environment then why would you even consider sharing a house with 9 people. and as far as the dogs living there. i also know that they stay in his room or in the side yard. if you are complaing about there being pot on or near the property, once agian why would you move to venice. las angelas has hundreds of cannabis collectives, venice beach is more marijuana friendly than any other place i have ever been to. it seems to me that you set yourself up for failure. next time think through your decision before you act upon it. if you think the kitchen doesnt look good then do the dishes. bathroom dirty? scrub a toilet. if you were paying 2500 for a place on the beach then complain all you want, but for the price he is renting for. some things you should man up about.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Now his Craig's list posting says 1111 Main St, Venice, CA but the address is still 108 Thornton Place.

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