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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/08/2011
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Amunra Cattery

never got tica papers, cat overpriced

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, unkown

about two years ago I paid 1200 dollars for a Bengal kitten from katie G. I was supposed to have him nuetered and show proof to get the paper. I did everything that was asked for. The vet check ups, the required shots etc etc I had copies of the paper work, I contacted her, emailed her and she simply would not respond. The place I picked the cat up was not her house, she said. It was her mothers and I never got any response from that address. So I do have a beautifull, loving cat. I will say that, but as to its authenticity, I don't no. I see now in the Journal/sentinal they are being advertised for $350 dollars with the tica paper. I am really mad. The house we picked the kitten up from was clean. She had bathed the kitten before we picked it up, so if it was dirty before, I have no ideal. and she said it was her mother's house so who knows what her place looks like, all in all it was kind of shady. Good luck to anyone else dealing with her


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Who knows if you got ripped off or not. It does sound a bit worrisome that you didn't pick up the cat at her home.

The price? Right in line. Actually, a Bengal for only $350 sounds like it would probably come from a kitten mill, or at least is not a breeding or show quality cat.

Bathing the kitten before going to its new home is good to do. It helps socialize the kitten and get it ready for whenever you might decide to bathe it, it would have already gone through a bath at least once before. Show cats are bathed as often as every week. This is certainly nothing to be complaining about, and actually may welll indicate that you were working with a good reputable breeder.

If you have a contract stating that you would get a registration certificate upon proof of neutering, then contact The International Cat Association and register a complaint with them against this breeder.

Also, be sure that you have sent the proof of castration to the breeder by registered mail.

This sounds like it may be fixable. Too bad that there hasn't been any response so far from the breeder, though. You may or may not have gotten scammed, but you probalby do deserve to get a registration certificate.

Good luck.

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