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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/08/2011
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Dating services

Online dating services

Any, --

I have tried all of these dating sites, hoping to find Mr. Right. All I have found that everyone of them on these sites are either liars or perverts. Not one of them is actually real. I have been on: MATCH.COM, SENIOR, TRUELOVE, E-Harmony. Not one man was real they all are fake and so are the commercials they show on TV. They are full of men and women from other countries and the U.S. just scamming people. Go out and get a real job. Quit taking advantage of people who reall want to find someone. Do you realize how much you hurt some of these people? Some have went into depression, so bad, some have gone as far as to kill themselves, becasue they have lost all their money and savings. They have even sent naked pictures of themselves, one guy was actuallly naked on the site, boy was he a site (and NOT a good one) or some just want you to have internet sex with them. Always ask if they have a cam, if they don't then they are just scamming you. They just want to see how you react to things so they can study ou more, to figure out how to take you for whatever they can. Please Do not waste your time or money on these dating sites. Nor waste your time on married co-workers that say they are going to get a divorce, they get one then marrry someone else. I have posted a few of there pictures on other scam sites. Just please stay off the dating sites.
Take it from someone who knows.


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well that may be true, but not all are fake 65% may be fake while 35% are good, my wife Linda is a living witness to that. she was found in Tagged. we have kids together though it took us long to understand each other but thanks to God almighty we are in deep love with each other. she is always by my side, even right now wit me. the kids are playing in the garden with my puppy.
I agree more with 98% evil and 2% good intentions. I am happy for u Daniel u found your percent and thats what matters. I my self have been scammed on dating site really bad.
I put up my profile on mate1 and in 3months received over 290 hits guess what they all
just wanted money from all over the globe using every excuse for me to help them.
I did not find the 2% I lost hope.

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