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Genrikh or Henric Erdman

Henric Erdman's accomplice in the United States

Moscow, Lugansk, Ukraine

Henric or Genrikh Erdman uses the accomplice of a woman in California of the name of Lutchie or Luz Behan. She has a Bank of America checking on line account. He uses her checking account to receive money. DO NOT DEPOSIT any money into this woman's account. He claims she is his housekeeper. Mr. Erdman does not own a house in California or any where else in the United States.

He is listed to live at 3835 Cabell Ave, Arlington Heights, Virginia 22204 and also
at 3322 Hanover Street, Westbury, New York 11590

He is a dangerous sociopath who is a narcisstic scam artist. He will tell you anything and everything in order for you to either forward money to Ukraine via Western Union to his Nigerian partner in Lugansk, Ukraine or to his "housekeeper" Lutchie Behan.

In order to see what he looks like go on Facebook and look up Genrikh Erdman.

Very handsome man but has the soul of a unscrupulous and narcisstic sociopath.
He is married with children.

One last thing..if you were to research Mr. Erdman as deep as the internet will allow you he is very closely related and associated with Pakistan. Pakistan,Money fraud, Nigeria...if it sounds like bad news? It is bad news.

I really appreciate who ever used my personal information to originally post on this web site about Mr. Erdman. He is very upset with me as he has called me "evil" "crazy" and an "unabasshed liar" for betraying him. I only wish I had betrayed him earlier. It would have saved a lot of women a lot of money and heart break.


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A police report will be filed from me tomorrow in regards to the money I deposited in
Lutchie Behan's account. I will be the third woman to do so. Mr. Erdman is posting on his web site that American women are black mailing him. He is a pathetic excuse of a man who hides behinds his words of lies so that his sheep of followers will believe him. No American woman is blackmailing him. We want our money returned to us. A police report will also
be made against Mr. Erdman for the verbal threat he made against me in which he was smart enough to leave on my voice mail. Thanks Henry! appreciate it! Because he called American women these names will now cause me to make sure all that he sent to me in writing will be made public. And with pleasure.

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