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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/09/2011
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Gregory JR Hill

Receptionist Job Offer on Craig

West Long Branch, New Jersey

I answered an Office Assistant/Receptionist ad on Craigslist. I got a call from JR Hill, the CEO of the Company Athlon Sports. He said he needed to hire someone right away and asked if I could come in for an interview. I met him at 1090 Broadway, Suite 201 West Long Branch that day after work. The office he interviewed me in had only 1 desk and the other 2 rooms were empty. He claimed he was renovating painting & tearing up the carpet.

He pretended to really like me and offer me the job, I filled out a generic employment
application. He said in order to hand in the application, he needed the money for the uniforms I would need for the job. He said I needed to get 5 shirts with the company Logo on it, some long and short sleeves. The shirts were $100.00. I told him I ususally do not carry cash, could he take a check or could I use my debt card. He said No, it needs to be cash. I really wanted the job. I realized I had $80.00 on me, which was my birthday $, it was my birthday that week. I asked for a receipt and he gave me a receipt for $100.00, he said he will kick in the other $20.00 and it will come out of my first pay check.

He gave me an address for the East Brunswick office, which I would work out of. It was 297 Rt. 18 South, Suite 200 East Brunswick, NJ . I went the following day to investigate and found out the address He gave me was a Sleepy's Mattress Store.

He is a con and scam artist, who will steal your Birthday $ away from you without batting an eye.
BEWARE OF THIS CRIMINAL LEACH, HE IS A SCAMMER. He uses different company names CB Recruits, Athlon Sports. He claims to own a Sports Magazine.


I hope he gets caught and I get my birthday $ back!


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I also was scammed in the same way. I witnessed the same office and I was also asked for a hundred for t-shirts. Everyone who I told about it said it sounded fishy. I am so F&^%$*( pissed because I am a single mom who is unemployed with two young children. I can not believe that J.R. Hill did that to me. It's people like him that make this other people want to commit a crime and get revenge. Shame on him!! ( J.R. dis is for you if your reading your day will come you fake a%* wanna be entrepreneur. You are a thief and I hope you mother doesn't ever hear about this, your a disgrace to mankind B!#@*!!!!!))))))

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