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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/10/2011
  • Severity: 8

Diana Bruce

Trapped In Another Country

Chicago, Illinois

Meet this person on a dating site. She was great. Understanding, warm and very pretty.
I started to notice strange things about her when we e-mailed each other.
Would answer questions about herself, than noticed her e-mails had nothing to do with the e-mails I sent her. She had a phone but couldn't get incoming calls. After a week she said she was going on a trip and be back in a few days. Now we all know if you go on a trip your airfare and hotel are paid in full before you get on that plane. Well the day she was (LEAVING) to come back, she e-mailed me crying she needed $500.00 for airfare, that something happened to her back account.
Well thats when I knew she was full of SH_ _ !
I had falling in love with a picture and a fake Asian Princess 29 yrs old.
She broke my heart was the damage...

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Trapped In Another Country


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  • Cindy
  • Submitted: 05/15/2011
NEVER send money to ANYONE... I learned my lesson that way. these people are sick and need help!
Yes she or he? is true scum of the earth using love to steal money from someone looking for there other half. Worst of all those people are every where on the net every dating site has them and they send you stolen pics of someone else most the time its not even them. You no whats really bad of them? They go as far as using GOD ... pretending to be GOD fearing ,loving person but really they are more like the Devil robbing, stealing ,breaking hearts. There only goal is to steal all the money they can from you or us using any means possible. Always Beware.
I have had a similar experience,
If your girl tells you she is in some dire situation, or pregnant either you run, or more likely If you are the nice guy they think you are, then you support them all the way....
My long distance fiancee scammer sent me her real sexy pictures and we have actually met several times, and I think I am a good judge of people, but these people do this as a job which is fun.
They actually enjoy the game, andthey get really excited when you bite, it 's people like fishing for them.

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