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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/23/2010
  • Severity: 5

John Andrade

Cell Phone Scam

Mesa, Arizona

This deadbeat by the name of John Andrade about 40-43 yrs old from Mesa/Queen Creek Arizona goes around posting ads on Craigslist that he can get you cell phones in bulk. Then he will meet you & act like the nicest person, & take a down payment from you, giving you his drivers liscense number, his real address, all the real info, but then he never gives you your stuff, he just tells you to get lost & do what you can...he knows the police wont do anything about it.

There are also complaints about him scamming in his Construction & Cabinetry Business...His cards say Aexco Cabinatry, & also other cards say A&A General Contracting.

Beware of this man, he has conned at least 4 people from Craigslist for over $3500 total.. He is a deadbeat, when we contacted his wife she said he walked out on his family & his kids dont even want to see their deadbeat scammer father.

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Cell Phone Scam


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  • mad
  • Submitted: 08/12/2010
This is the same person who also scammed my platinum and diamond wedding set and other jewelry to the tune of between 5 thousand and 7 thousand dollars. He is slick, and when he picked up the scrap jewelry he also slid the other good pieces he conned me into showing him, he distracted me, while he pulled this off. I am an elderly lady and he took full advantage of the situation. Don't deal with him. There is an investigation in process, and I was told he may have a warrant for his arrest out of Phoenix. If you meet with him, take the cops with you, let them check him out before you do any business with him. He will wow you with his wallet. He looks for people desperate for money, and he sports hundred dollar bills. He will buy you lunch, dinner ect. He may have a partner Greg. His biggest thing is to rip out a 4 inch thick wad of hundred dollar bills. He says he is an honest gold buyer. He is not. He is waiting for the right time to put it to the unsuspecting person. BEWARE!

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