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Jefferson Keith Langley/ Ima Sumac Watkins

Fraudulent Psychic Readings,Ripping off people

Calabasas, California

Jefferson Keith Langley has responded to what people are saying if you search his name that he claims he ISN'T a FRAUD. He clearly is.... So is his GIRLFRIEND/BIZ PARTNER: I UNFORTUNATELY dealt with these people. There was over $2,500 taken by IMA saying she & Jefferson were going to help change my life. She told me that she was the love of his life & Best friend & she would never do anything to hurt anyone. She said they had a spiritual marriage and that though she could no longer have children she was hoping that they could adopt or they could have a child via a surrogate. I wonder does Jefferson know about this & how they plan to raise a child in a HOTEL ROOM! I did think he was very attractive. I though he came across as extremely overzealous about spiritualism and sex.I though that this is B.S. as spiritual people aren't big on telling people their sexual fantasies."Oh, what if we made love? Your so beautiful, I could see myself making time for you."This is the crap he would say. I think he's in it right along with her. I did these series of cleansings & supposed healings in late last year and early this year.I met Ima originally through someone whom referred me to a Holistic Network Online. First the readings?healings were a few hundred dollars then all of the sudden it was thousands. I lost money because she said I needed these curses off me. The truth is this woman is a fraud, a liar, etc. I gave her money because I supposedly had these curses against me but the truth is I was thinking this woman could give me answers. These people are no more psychic & spiritual teachers than my DOG! I think its sad how this guy is either completely oblivious to this or he's in on it. Im not sure why they are living at a hotel. My guess is they have money but dont wish to be found out which is why they keep moving around.I will do my best to educate people on their fraud. Don't trust Ima Sumac Watkins or Jefferson Keith Langley if you hear their name or meet them RUN!!!!!! Anyone whom would defend these criminals are just as guilty as they are. During the sessions she clearly calls on the guides to come & help, her information in these readings is very vague. I can see your a good person, I can see you have had heartbreak in your life, etc.All shes saying is clearly B.S. He cant do anything without her. shes the one obviously coaching him because hes looking around at her when they are in the same room. ITs all FAKE!!!!!!!!!! Melissa


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Melissa - After I read your post I had to reply to you. I too met and was rangled by Jefferson Langley. My story is a bit different as I met and was dating him (or so I thought?) he actually came up to me in a bar and said " I pick you! " I was interested in his friend and he did the cock block thing....he saw I was happy and enlightened in my own way. I was single, ready to mingle and he peaked my interest at least physically. Our connection was like a tornado pulling me in to his unstable life of words and nothing much more, after a short time .... he asked if he could stay in my home while he got his life together...boy that was a big mistake, like a stray pup who didn't have any where else to go? All his family and friends were done with him! That should have been my first HINT...a Loser had arrived! At first he was attentive and warm. But soon he began to hibernate claiming to be meditating and talking in strange words telling me about love & light BS and then this random IMA woman showed up whom he seemed to have a bizarre relationship with, mostly over the phone. Personally my opinion is they are both modern day gypsy - lost souls looking for a purpose, looking to feed off other people. Mind you this was over 5 years ago pretty sad that he is still doing the same..still dreaming about being a director..? You know what they say...if you have to talk about yourself so much...then your a NOBODY!!!
BTW- I finally figured out how I got sucked into this whole Jefferson scencerio? I went to a real psychic....found out I am ALL light and HE is ALL was that basic... the attraction like an angel to a devil. Once I realized he was sucking my LIGHT energy NOT able to give any as he was empty. It was a sad day when dropped him off at a Hollywood hotel, without any belongings and especially without the BMW he got me to lease for him? I have to give it to Beyonce she says it her song ...and YES a box to the left was waiting outside for him. Don't feel alone in your feelings of being taken. Live and learn, Grow from your experience. Spread the word if it helps you feel better. After he was gone out of my life...I met other people whom he basically took advantage of as well with never anything in return. Not even a caring word or a Thank you! I am sure he will read this and my final thought towards him is...Be careful what you wish for are becoming known as the energy sucking DARK CLOUD people will run from. Not the Love and Light person you wish to be ! Everyone is responsible for their own reputation! Own it. It's a wonderful world and I wouldn't change my experience with JL as I don't concentrate on mistakes, I am happily married, successful and only wishing people the best always. Though my experience I found out what was right for me...Definitely Not a Dark Cloud!!
WoW I was told by a friend Jefferson was on here I'm not sure what to say. When I knew Jefferson he was driving a new black '08 BMW 335 & living in The Hills. The past is the past I think we should all let it go. If your that upset at what happened or didn't happen you can call me & perhaps I will help heal you.

I think Jefferson has made some mistakes with women because he gets overwhelmed by his life. I also think he's been so damaged by people he gave his heart to that it's caused him to close himself off. I'm curious how long did he live with you? How long did you date him? Why did you buy/rent him a car if you didn't have something legal in writing? To me that's just like jumping out of a plane without a parachute.I pay my own bills & always have. Paying someone's bills all the time doesn't teach them independence. Money can't buy love. It can buy sex,& material things. & It CANNOT buy happiness. LOVE is infinite & can be eternal. My love is unconditional.

A good book is The Forgiveness Formula by Kathleen Sullivan. Forgiveness is for you more than it is for the other person. The Art Of Happiness by The Dalai Lama is beautiful too. I suggest everyone whom has been hurt including Jefferson read those.

I'm a lady whom has tact,& class so I'm not going to be replete with stinkiosity & bad mouth him or Ima. My mother taught me better than that. Besides as far as he's concerned they only issues were that he didn't spend enough time with me & take the time to see something wonderful.He knows how I felt about him, if he doesn't I pray he knows now. I know we had something special & so does he. Perhaps, one day whom knows. However, he's a big boy & he has the right to choose. Jesus forgave Mary & she was a prostitute.He preached to murderers & thieves so, what right do we have to judge really?

You or I may not agree with each others idealogies however it doesn't mean we can't come to a common respect for one another. Jefferson, I'm sure there's some messed up things you did. I'm not answering for any of these women nor myself. However, if you can open your heart , trust & have faith I can help you. I will stand by you & be what you really need right now, A FRIEND!!!!!!!. You & I had something absolutely stupid happen & you wouldn't listen.You were totally wrong. I think of you often & pray you make better choices. I know people want you because they see you as arm-candy. I only ever saw you for whom you are inside not what you could give me. Part of you is very deep yet childlike.

You will never know how much I should have taken the time to try & help you. I wanted to & tried but didn't know how I guess.I am here for you now & am able to help you if you want to talk,or vent. I'm also here to help you if you need a place to stay. I read on the other posts that you were living in a hotel. That breaks my heart. I'm sure you miss the comforts of home & it must be very cramped & expensive

If anyone has anything to say please don't hesitate to call me. I'm willing to listen. Jefferson call me or email me if you want to have a truly caring person whom has your best interest at heart back in your life. It's been so long & there's so much to tell you. If you are really psychic then you will know whom I am & you will also know I have studied alchemy,kabbalah,various forms of divination, etc. I've been doing this for years. Nothing you could ever say will shock or scare me. I won't judge you, it's not my place. Sometimes we do things tat are stupid to get ahead & we know they are wrong, but when the price becomes too expensive it's time to get out.Like James Taylor says " You've got a friend" Day or night just call (323) 570-6854 or (818) 763-7363 This line doesn't receive text messages. You can also email me

Be good to yourself,stay safe & know you will never be alone that someone still cares about you, your happiness,health & well being.

It doesn't matter whom has turned their back on you I won't. Remember that.
Wow! This gets curiouser & curiouser by the day. Ladies, etc STOP!!!!!!! bugging Jefferson,etc. Your only showing your age acting like this. Like seriously are we in junior high? I mean really.Jefferson, consider the source. Obviously these women whom you "allegedly" did wrong are just pissed because they let such a beautiful human being get away. Don't worry about them. They are dirt. The truth is if your going to say a bunch of crap have enough proof to back it up.

Obviously, you trusted these people & you shouldn't have. If anyone feels so enclined to go ahead & have the cajones to speak to me I will be more than glad to tell you about Jefferson's character & what a beautiful man he is inside & out. Usually, when people are jealous or whatever, it's not your higher self it's your opponent. Were supposed to detach from the ego & learn our lessons. Obviously, you people bashing him & her have issues you feel are unresolved,are scorned, etc. There's a time & place.It's not here I don't think. If someone has the balls to say anything negative against him I will tell you I will defend him so you better be prepared if you do. Don't wake the baby dragon lol!!!!!!!

Jefferson, I have a feeling our paths will cross again one day. I miss you & the Egyptian prince so much you can't imagine. I really wish we could talk & catch up. I'm here should you decide you need me.I have an open heart,open mind & open soul. I know you do too. I;m not picking on you but,perhaps you better be careful what company you keep.

I hope we can start anew one day. If your all about forgiveness as I'm sure you say then you should listen to why you were wrong with what happened between you & myself. It's the reason I don't have roommates anymore & will NEVER let another female in my home EVER again. I just don't trust WOMEN!!!!!!! I'm glad to see your evolving I am too. LOts to tell you & catch up on. I also mean it if you are ever in trouble,need a place to crash, or need to vent You've Got a FRIEND!!!!!!! Let it be known I will ALWAYS support Jefferson Langley no matter what his path is. Obviously, these people have no idea of free will. Perhaps, they will learn their lessons.

I'm here if you ever need me, & I will NEVER judge you nor do I have to know any details. I'd rather not know unless you choose to share it. Jefferson.


This is hysterical. I am the Real KATHY TRCA! I was alerted to this site last night by someone whom I have never met, she saw my name which Ima so politely splattered on this page and called herself out. This person found me on facebook, and wrote me a message I was skeptical at first but after speaking with her realized she was not in on this. So I read what was here. I AM NOT ONE OF THE ORIGINAL POSTERS AND NEITHER IS THE PERSON WHO CONTACTED ME. If you are so psychic you would have known that. So Good One Ima you just revealed that you have done this to someone name Allison, Myself, the woman who contacted me and two original posters here, let's count that makes 5. My story is pretty much the same, I am not going to get into a pissing contest on here with these two, so I will not be revisiting this site to see the responses. I will leave you all with this, besides the day my son was born, the day Ima and Jefferson were out of my life were the two happiest day's I have ever had. Do not pay anyone for what you were already have been given directly from God, the answeres are in you and you only, they are not going to help you with anything, except empty your wallet, just be a good and kind person, give to those in crisis, like flood and tornado victims, you will get much more out of it than this line of tripe. Now that is my two cents from the peanut gallery, the curtain has been pulled back and the wizard exposed, I didn't have to do anything but sit back and wait, it was only a matter of time, the Karma wheel is spinning now.... All the best to all of you, and if these two took advantage of your goodness, just remember what goes around comes around the best revenge you can have is just getting on with your life and being happy. Adios', Elvis is leaving the building and will not be returning
I really need to know the truth.. My friend has been in contact with them. She is about to give them money for a healing. Please anyone... I need to stop her from doing that. Can anyone give me more info? Of course I have to have something solid to go to my friend about so she will not do it.

Thank you in advance,
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  • Lisa76
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