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Tom Boucher

Tom Boucher - Con Artist FAKE NAVY SEAL

Boston, Massachusetts

Please look up TOM BOUCHER or THOMAS BOUCHER in this site. Scorpio Event Productions is his newest company he is using to scam people, namely non profits. His pic is there.


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This post was created back in 2011. The poster (Concerned Citizen) was in fact a partial business partner in this subjects company. It has been confirmed that this POSTER (CONCERNED CITIZEN) embezzled nearly $60,000 from this man's company and created this post in an attempt to muddy the waters, and provide himself with a counter claim againts this subject. The poster (concerned citizen) has garnered support by having his girlfriend create a profile here as well, and proceed in posting derogatory remarks againts the subject of this post. After concluding as much research as possible into this matter, it is my opinion that the content of all these post are complete and utter fiction. The subject has been advised to seek a court order to have these posts removed, and this action is pending in the Massachusetts State courts.

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