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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/12/2011
  • Severity: 10

Genrikh Erdman, Henric Erdman

Famous public speaker scammed me, stealing several thousand dollars.

Soldier, Kansas

Genrikh contacted me in October, 2010 on a singles site called and eventually led me to believe we were going to be married.

At first he said he lived in Kansas, then said he had moved back home to Moscow, Russia.

He started asking for money after we had been "together" for a couple months. He seems SO vulnerable, sweet and sincere. He supposedly needed the money because he was hospitalized.

He teaches for a school called ISIF, and he has been angry that I've contacted the school.

I think he has snookered them into believing that someone else has stolen his identity, but that's not true.

Last week he threatened me in a voice mail, because I won't answer his calls. Otherwise, I wouldn't have posted this. But he said "You don't know what I can do to you. You don't know where I can go." This makes this much worse than just a money scam. Because of the threat, an official police report has been made, and I plan to report this to the FBI.

He is supposedly a successful businessman in his own right. His scams must be some kind of psychological hangup because supposedly, as a financial and investment expert, he sure doesn't need the money.

Thank you to the other innocent women victims who have posted about him. I just wish they had done it sooner. It would have saved me from losing several thousand dollars if I had that information before he preyed on me on the dating website.

(And yes, like the other ladies have said already, Genrikh had me transfer money to the bank account of a woman he said was named Luz Behan in California, and to wire money numerous times to a man named Omowole Oluwaleke in Ukraine.)

As someone said, search for other names. He likes lots of names:
Genrikh Erdman
Henric Erdman
Henry Erdman
Genrix Erdman
Heinrich Erdmann

Other women need to be warned.

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Famous public speaker scammed me, stealing several thousand dollars. Famous public speaker scammed me, stealing several thousand dollars. Famous public speaker scammed me, stealing several thousand dollars. Famous public speaker scammed me, stealing several thousand dollars.


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He got me, too. Because this town is only about 3 hours drive from me, at first I thought we could meet in person for coffee. Later he told me he had been staying in Soldier for only about 10 months to recover from the grief of losing his beloved wife Julia who had died in a car wreck. Then he revealed that he had gone back to Russia "to take care of some things." He was going to marry me - asked for my ring size and everything. Instead, I just lost ~$4,500 in direct deposits to his friends accounts and wires!

I don't think he ever has been to Kansas! It literally makes me sick to think about him.
Mr. Erdman may also use the email address of to
scam women on single web sites.
This was written on another one of the many posts about Genrikh, but not here. It is too correct not to make sure that other people see your thoughts, so I am copying it below.

I did not write this originally, but I wish I had:

"you are victim number 6 so far who has approached all the other victims.
Mr. Erdman has never contacted any of the victims to apologize for the
misuse of his name. If he did not have any knowledge of the events he is now
informed. Not once has he come forward to try to clear his name or to
try to find out who it was that had been using his identity. Not once.
which leads all of the victims to wonder Why? Why has he not come forth
to discuss and try to help all of us to catch this man who has been claiming to
be Genrikh Erdman. Why has his wife, the mother of his children, not raised a
hand or a cry of protest of her husband's good name? Either she is illiterate and can not
read and write, or she can not read and write English. However, after viewing the web search engines from Russia ,there are postings regarding the situation in Russian. Perhaps she does not care. Perhaps it does not matter to her. Perhaps she has been instructed not to say anything. Personally if my husband was accused of all this I would be screaming at the top of my lungs to try to protect him and prove his innocense. I suppose being a busy Mom to three children and carrying very expensive designer leather hand bags is much more of a reason to stay with a lying, cheating, narcisstic, socio path husband. ALL allegedly, of course. I may be incorrect. If I am, I offer my apologies"
Yeah, expensive designer clothes qand bags purchased with my money! grrrr

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