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  • Submitted: 05/12/2011
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Dennis F. Kennedy

Car dealer charged with keeping $188K in sales tax

Boynton Beach, Florida

The former owner of Exotic Motorcars and Jewelry Inc. was charged by state investigators with stealing $188,000 in sales tax.. Dennis Kennedy collected the money from customers but failed to send it to the state beginning in 2007 through periods in 2009.

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Car dealer charged with keeping $188K in sales tax


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yeah, hot shot walking around Breakers West sporting Rolex, acting the part...Now he's just just another scamming creep; funny thing, everything done in the dark eventually comes to the light, hows those handuffs fit? Not as nice as the Rolex, huh Dennis?? LOL, sorry, welcome to the real world Dennis, maybe your ego will come down a few notches

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