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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/12/2011
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Jewels by Parklane

Jewels by Parklane took the money and RAN!!

Houston, Texas, 77024

In early/mid April, I attended a jewelry party thrown by a rep of Jewels by Parklane as a favor to a friend who invited me since I was going to be nearby. I basically showed up for a couple drinks with no intention of buying anything. As the evening progressed, I discovered that my friend's (who was not the hostess) birthday was just a few weeks away. She had liked several pieces of jewelry and ultimately bought herself a necklace. Once my friend wandered off to socialize, I spoke with the hostess and asked her which necklace my friend bought for herself and decided to buy the matching earings for her birthday. As I was not expecting to be at the party in the first place, I had no credit card with me, only cash. I paid in full for the earings plus tax and shipping, totaling $32.56. Later on as I was browsing through the catalog, I saw a ring I liked and bought it for myself, another $30 paid in cash. As neither of the items I chose were in the hostess' inventory that day, I was told shipping would arrive in about 2 weeks. Perfect, I thought - in time for my friend's birthday.
Well, two weeks delivery time passed a couple weeks ago, no contact from the hostess and no items received. Here's the catch which I admittedly should have caught earlier - my customer order form has no contact information at all for the hostess. Sure, there are slots where she should have filled out her info, but she did not do that. On both 5-9 and 5-11, I sent emails to Parklane's corporate office located at 100 East Commerce Dr in Schaumberg, Ill with no response. Finally, I called the 800 number on their website (no numbers at all on the order form) and a customer service rep told me she can't do anything for me, as local reps are contractors and place orders for customers under the rep's own name, not the customer's. The rep from the corporate office told me to file a police report. Really? That's it? How about checking to see if my name may by chance be in your database? Too much to ask? Looks that way! Needless to say, I'm pissed that I got ripped off even though $65 won't make or break anybody. If you steal one dollar from me, I'm bothered.
The disregard shown by people at the Parklane corporate office is disheartening and shows what little concern they have for the conduct of their own "contractors" and customers as well. STAY CLEAR OF THESE JEWELS BY PARKLANE PARTIES!!!


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