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Not only would this "person" rip off his own children and as well as the mother of three of his kids. He would stop at nothing to fulfill his greedy desires. Even if his own kids have to suffer and struggle to get by. I will help anyone to see this man get his Karma.
I am sorry that I posted this ... I did so out of anger and frustration. My Ex husband is current with all child support issues. The only reason that I posted this is because I used to get more support from him and now due to his economic situation my support is reduced.

I am really sorry I even posted on this site and do not know how to remove this.

I understand the anger issues, but please-this kind of posting DOESN'T belong on here. That's not what this site's for. This is for informational purposes, for use in educating the public, regarding scams. It's postings such as this, that makes folks wonder, if the rest of the postings are legit. Since you can't remove it, then you need to let the administrators of this site know. Hopefully, this can be removed. In the near future, please watch what you post-I'm not here for arguments or criticism. Be blessed & have a nice day.
If you read the small print, when you first signed up onto this site, or whenever you sign onto this site-it says, that whatever you post, CANNOT BE REMOVED. I'm not here to reprimand you, but you brought this upon yourself-what a waste of time on your part. There's people that are really being scammed, keep that in mind.

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