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  • Submitted: 05/13/2011
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writing services

Panama, Pennsylvania offers swift writing services if you're facing deadline. First of all, they don't speak English. Second, they don't write well at all. Third, they don't do deadlines, but they charge you for that. Ask your five year old Chinese neighbor to write something for you, you'll be better off.

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writing services


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Who Scammed You Commenter
Yeah, like anyone can see what's on the screenshot. It kinda looks like you were asked to write something bad, fella. I, personally, think you're just a spammer from another writing service just doing your job. A job of lying online!

P.S. My BF used last year and we found nothing wrong with it. They even have a customer support phone, that you can call for free.

The spammer rate is over 9000 these days. Why would a normal person write “” and not just “”? Now THIS is a scam. I presume the site is fine as well as the service.
Who Scammed You Commenter
I think it is suspicious too. The screenshot is really small, cannot see anything. Too bad lets people post spam. By the way, I’ve heard about that site from my classmate. He’s totally content with the essay he ordered, though I consider it cheating.
We should let the moderators know this isn’t a SCAM but a SPAM.

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