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Liberty National Financial Trust - David Norris

Fraudulent Loan Operation

Atlanta, Georgia, 30326

David Norris
Senior Loans Officer
Client Account Services
Liberty National Financial Trust
3475 Lenox Road NE, Atlanta, GA, 30326
T:1-877-850-8836 x 191

PLEASE do not communicate with any person from this "company".

My boyfriend approached me with this loan opportunity, to which I regretfully agreed. When he first told me he had been pre-approved for a $5,000 personal loan I was hesitant because he said that David Norris had requested a "deposit" on the loan to be paid via cashier's check or Western Union. I don't have any experience with personal loans and did not even know the red flags to be aware of, but I was uncomfortable with this method of payment because as I understood it, once the funds are wired there is no way of tracing or disputing them if the contract was not upheld. Mr. Norris assured me that the contract protected both parties involved, and I told my boyfriend that if he was comfortable with the arrangement that I would support his decision. Still, I ignored my instincts and agreed to pay the roughly $900 it cost to set up the transaction and the wiring fees. I was stupid enough to give Mr. Norris my bank account information for the loan to be transferred to, which we were supposed to receive within 24 hours. It's been 2 days and many phone calls and e-mails later, and to no one's surprise, we haven't received the loan as promised. When my boyfriend actually managed to have his call taken, he spoke to a "customer service representative" who told him that the lender had requested additional funds for the deposit, but when my boyfriend asked that the original deposit just be refunded and the contract nullified, the rep said that it would take "one billing cycle" for us to receive payment. Obviously we don't anticipate this money being returned. I wish we had been more educated and perhaps researched this better before agreeing to these terms that have left us emotionally and financially devastated. My hope is that someone will read this before making the same mistakes.

As a firm believer in KARMA, I wholeheartedly believe that Mr. Norris and everyone involved in his operation will "get theirs" in the end. I'm making it my personal mission to not only make sure that Mr. Norris receives a copy of this post, but that I plaster it on every single scam report site available. I may be young and naive, but I have a lot of extra time on my hands and will make sure that I’m doing my part in ensuring that others are educated about this type of fraudulent activity. I hope others get the chance to read this before falling prey to repulsive cretins such as David Norris and his associates at “Liberty National Financial Trust”.

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Fraudulent Loan Operation


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