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Sorry you Toooo get scamed by my partner LINDA K. RISDEN and now she is know as LINDA BEAVER.....sorry No Kidding there...she married another man as We Are Still Legally just scamed out a few dollars....but I have to deal with her Grand Thief of our client and credit Card Fraud and IRS Fraud...then she gets a car in my Daughter name and ruins her credir ..because My Wifes car got she makes up fraud pay stubs and Fraud W/2 forms ...satating my college daught make some $37,000.00 working in my company....Right...

LINDA K. RISDEN then flees to Live Oak Florida and Marries.....another man see the wedding Tattoo bands....they look like Jail House tattos....done with a tooth-pick..nasty

Sorry about the money...but after this story ...your Not fealing Sooooo Bad ..A...What Goes Around ..Comes Around....Dont you worry..the important thig is you are a good and honest person....Not like this Trail Tash and her Hill- Billy Boy Friend...the guy working in a truck "Junk Yard " and in fact thats his Nick Name .." Junk Yard ".....this guy cant even pay the heating bill in the winter and lives of the daughters Food Stamps...

Do Worry...LINDA " aka " BEAVER is alreading Paying for her fact her daughter Bridget Lynn Massey was already convicted for Grand Thief Felony as she plead guilty and was sinced in june to 10 years.....the mother wont be soooooo lucky..she is lookng at State & Federal Charges and the loss of all her Licenses...

Again sorry about your loss....and I am Soooooo tired of reading these storys as Linda K. Risden is still using my last she refused to take the last name beaver....could be a good Porn Name...but she Way...To Old For that...she messed up a great career and furture as she is now a house wife living in a Trailer in the wooods and has become a House Wife washing the Old Junk yards nasty Clothes...

You read the story...and you see there is justice...

Take care

see the Pics below....

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Finally a conclusion to the lies and outrageous claims as stated above, all written by Martin Todd Risden. Both Suwannee and Palm Beach County Courts have deemed Mr. Risden mentally incompetent to stand trial for the felony and misdemeanors for aggravated stalking (Suwannee) and 2 DUI’s (Palm Beach). Facts show the truth, as Clerk of the Court in PB County reflects same and Karen Hatton, DA for Suwannee County has the file stating Mr. Risden's mental illness. There are no charges against Linda Risden and Florida Five Star Realty from the Division of Realtors nor any other police and government authority. Todd Risden's mental illness has created illusions in his mind and he is mad about Linda Risden filing for divorce as Plaintiff due to his extra marital affairs and ads on the internet for sex ( so sad). Fortunately the Courts agree with his defaming of my character and will issuing further charges against Mr. Risden, with mandate of institutional confinement for his rehabilitation. Linda Risden still operates a licensed, legal and successful brokerage. Linda Risden travels back and forth from North Florida to South Florida to service her clients and is in no way running from anything. Her choice was to enjoy both types of lifestyle, country and seashore. Prayers are now answered that this man will get the help he needs.

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