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Isaac Smith

Debt management/Bankruptcy

Long Beach, California

Isaac Smith called to say he could clean up my mother's credit and save her home.
Well he charge a $1000.00 saying he could clean up the whole famliy's credit with the price of !000.00. We agreed. My mother has dementia and he came into our home with his lies and never help at all. This has been since December 2010. Who has money these days around Xmas to just throw out of the window? My Mother has lost her home because this man ran off with her money! The name of his company is ISCO II please stay away from Isaac Smith from ISCO II or ISCO Group he is a scam and a liar who takes advantage of edlerly women and women period! The last words I got was from him was.... "These are the breaks And God bless" ! I wish I could have help to get my Money back!


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  • ismith
  • Submitted: 02/17/2013
Rozie and her husband were found guilty of "Defammation" in court. Isaac Smith DBA ISCO II aka ISCO Group won a money judgement against Rozie and her husband for Defammation! January, 2013.

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