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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/24/2010
  • Severity: 6

Edward (Eddie) Moore

Nigerian Contract Scam

Houston, Texas

Eddie Moore says he is an IT guy who needs to travel to Lagos, Nigeria to do contracted work. Soon after he "arrives" in Lagos, he tries to retrieve the equipment necessary for said job from the Port Authority. Unfortunately, he says all he has brought with him are Cashier's Checks and Money Orders, neither of which are acceptable in Nigeria.. (World banking hasn't reached the shores of W. Africa, says Eddie.) Time is ticking away, he needs cash wired to him at once so he can retrieve his equipment . Wire money in exchange for Money Orders is the plan. Guess who loses?

Unfortunately, I'd no idea about the Nigerian 419 Scams. I had been emailing and IM'ing with Eddie for about 6 weeks prior to his trip to Africa. We weren't in a "relationship" because I had no desire to participate in a LDR.. but he did keep pushing to keep in touch. Every time I logged on to Yahoo.. there he was (I did think it strange the guy had no life.) I thought he was nice enough, but probably a computer geek. Boy was I wrong.

I am rating the severity a "6".. hey on my scale it's a 10 for sure. I can't think of anybody who can afford to throw good hard earned bucks to the wind. It's nobody's fault by my own for playing the fool.

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Nigerian Contract Scam


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